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Paris Jackson, the 14 year old daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, hit the 1 million mark today on Twitter. That’s 1 million people following a 14 year old girl on Twitter. But Paris has turned out to be quite the correspondent. Her emergence on Twitter came when she used the social network device this past July to alert the world her grandmother–also her legal guardian — was in trouble. Thanks to Paris’s Tweets, the Jackson family was not able to “kidnap” Katherine Jackson or Paris or her brothers Prince and Blanket.

Overnight she become an incredibly effective war correspondent in her own home. Since then Paris has dutifully reported on everything going on around her, from school bullying to a defense of Justin Bieber to decrying what she sees is wrong with the world. She also posts her artwork and gives updates on her family. This week she Tweeted that it was time for parent-teacher conferences. “This year, I’m not worried,” she said. Her cousin TJ Jackson and her grandmother, Katherine, would be the “parents” involved. Debbie Rowe should be proud. Paris is very much like her–outspoken and she takes no prisoners.

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  1. A strong girl, also telling in her tweets she’s not one of the girlie, “popular” girls at school (she says she’s rock’n roll!) , defending everyone’s right to be themselves. She doesn’t post much about her Dad (wise girl as well), so people really come for her. Already before the brouhaha this summer, she had between 500 000 and 600 000 followers. Quite a character. You really wish her and her brothers the best, it’s great they have each other.

  2. Prince and Paris are very wise for their years with credit due to Michael. He and Nanny Grace did an excellent job raising them and their education. Paris definitely has her mother’s backbone and that will be a lifetime asset.

    Thank you Roger for writing a positive article. It’s rare to find true accurate journalism nowadays.

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