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Here’s an exclusive scoop, one that you will not find in the new Michael Jackson book. Lenny Kravitz almost replaced Jermaine Jackson in the Jackson 5 reunion at Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary concerts in 2001. Jermaine would not agree to take a ‘favored nations’ contract payment that all the artists got on that show– $1,500 plus expenses, airfare and hotel for the artists and family.

Both Frank Cascio and Stacy Brown were there. Stacy drew up the contracts. Frank went looking for Lenny at Michael’s request. In the end, Jermaine acquiesced and the show went on. Stacy Brown says, “Michael flew in all the families, even Jermaine’s mistress. And they had a big fight at their hotel.”

None of that is in Randall Sullivan’s new book. Sullivan actually admits in his voluminous author notes that he never even bothered to read Cascio’s book, “My Friend Michael Jackson.” He never contacted Brown, who has known the Jacksons for decades and helped Bob Jones write his own book about Michael after the pop star allowed Jones to be dismissed without notice after 30 years of service.

Sullivan should have done a little more research. Here’s the clip from 2001 in which Michael washed his hands of Jermaine at that point. Eccentric promoter David Gest, Michael’s friend, issued a statement on July 24, 2001 “wishing Jermaine well on his solo career.” That brought Jermaine back to his senses and he took the money as offered. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?id=103470&page=1#.UJ_9poawX5M

READ THIS LINK about Jermaine Jackson: http://www.showbiz411.com/2009/08/12/20090812michael-jackson-brother-jermaine-shocking-2003-book-proposal


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  1. Cross-examination of BOB JONES (April 11 2005)

    25 Q. And then you were asked, “Um, did you see
    26 Mr. Jackson engage in any head licking of anybody?”
    27 And your answer was, “Never.” Remember that?
    28 A. I recall.


    3 Q. And you told the prosecutor you had written
    4 the words at the bottom of the page that refer to
    5 licking, right?
    6 A. Uh-huh.
    7 Q. And is it your testimony that you have not
    8 approved the accuracy of that statement?
    9 A. That is correct.


    4 Q. And would you agree when you’re working with
    5 a co-writer and a publisher to prepare a book about
    6 Michael Jackson, there’s pressure to make things
    7 sensational when you can, right?
    8 A. Yes.
    9 Q. And your publisher and others want a book
    10 that can sell, correct?
    11 A. My co-writer [STACEY BROWN]. The publisher wasn’t involved
    12 in that particular end of it.


    13 Q. Okay. And do you then typically correct or
    14 change what you think is either inaccurate or
    15 inappropriate?
    16 A. Oh, I’ve changed millions of things that
    17 were inaccurate that I didn’t say


    10 Q. Mr. Brown, what I think the prosecutor just
    11 elicited is the following: When he [BOB JONES] was broke, he
    12 said there was licking. And when he didn’t have
    13 financial problems, he said there wasn’t any, right?
    14 A. Well, if that’s how you —
    15 Q. Right?
    16 A. — break it down, yeah, I guess.
    17 MR. MESEREAU: Thank you.
    18 MR. AUCHINCLOSS: No further questions.

    Did you forget that wonderful Mesereau court room moment?

  2. LOL good lord I hope this book has better sources than Stacy Brown of all people. Why would anyone reference him ever? Other than when quoting how he admitted to lying for money on the witness stand and being sued by juror’s and all the other lies he’s made since?

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