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UPDATE: “Skyfall” took in $87.8 million from Friday, making it $90 mil total since the IMAX showings on Thursday. I love Daniel Craig saying he’d like to get out of his contract or something to that effect. Very funny. He just wants a bigger cut going forward. He’ll get it. And Sam Mendes? See below that he told us he’s “considering” a return for Bond 24 and/or 25. By the time he’s done he’ll be able to fund all the productions he wants at the Donmar Warehouse.

Earlier: Yes, yes. “Skyfall” did open to $30.8 million on Friday making it the biggest opening night ever for a James Bond movie. It now has $33 million in the bank counting Thursday IMAX sales. By Sunday night, “Skyfall” could have $70 million in total or more, assuring it of its place as the number 1 Bond film of all time. Director Sam Mendes told our Leah Sydney he’s “thinking about” directing Bond 24 and 25, but after this — “Skyfall” will have more than $400 mil worldwide on Monday– I’m sure the producers will want him back for at least one of the next ones. And how about Adele? Anyway, maybe Judi Dench can be persuaded to come back, too, now that she’s a “Bond girl.”





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  1. The song Skyfall was the best part of the movie. I have seen all of the James Bond movies of the 60’s and 70’s, this one does not even come close.

  2. This is the worst Bond film by far. No babes, no gadgetry, no plot, no imagination. The villain is a cheap copy of the Joker – absolutely awful. Anyone that says this is a great film is paid to say that. Save your money.

  3. Considering all the hype, I went to see Skyfall opening night. Daniel Craig makes a great James Bond. The best? nah! The movie was good, but it seemed to lack a lot of the character and “unbelievable” action sequences that 007 films are known for.

    Will I go to the movies again to see it again? Nope. Will I buy the DVD when it comes out? Yep,

  4. Very good film, but at 2 hours and 30 min it is pushing bladder time. I particularly loved the circle BACK to the beginning of the Bond series at the end of this one. All that was needed was for the folder the M tosses onto his desk for Bond was to be labeled “STRANGWAYS” and we would be right back to 1962 and DR. NO.

  5. The reason he says two is because the screen writer pitched a two movie arc so the next two will be shot back to back, mendes would either come back for 2 or nothing I guess.

  6. Saw SKYFALL yesterday, it was great. I would give it a 9 out of 10. I have to admit CASINO ROYAL still is my favorite and gets a 10.

    We needed to see more of Craig in his Tux…

    Loved the shocking ending also.

  7. We just came back from the film in Denver. Very Excellent. We went to the first afternoon showing on the big screen, and when we came out, there was a huge line snaking back for 50 to 70 yards. Still in the afternoon. Projections seem correct.

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