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So: “Skyfall” is poised to set some records this weekend. Fandango is reporting that 65% of all ticket sales right now are for the 23rd James Bond film. Only 1% is being attributed to Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” which is opening in limited release. Hopefully Disney will take good care of “Lincoln” and steer it slowly into an Oscar campaign. If you can see it, see it immediately because it’s a terrific film.

“Skyfall” comes to the US with over $300 million in the bank. It has a pretty clear path this weekend and next. There’s nothing else like it, and it’s an event. Plus it has the Adele song. There shouldn’t be too much cross over between “Skyfall” and “Twilight: Breaking Wind,” which opens next week to throngs of eager tweens who want to see the final episode of this insipid amusement.

As for that Adele song, it’s turned out to be the best idea Barbara Broccoli ever had. (I’m glad I broke the stories about it, too.) According to Fandango, “a survey of 1,000 moviegoers on Fandango revealed that 54% of respondents said Adele’s new Skyfall theme song increased their awareness of the movie and 78% said the grittier action sequences in this Bond film increased their interest in seeing the new movie.”

“Skyfall” comes into the Friday box office with $2.2 million from IMAX screenings yesterday at 463 theaters.



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  1. I love Adele’s song too and can’t wait to see Skyfall, I think Daniel Craig is an excellent James Bond (but I still think overall Sean Connery is the best Bond).

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