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James Brown, Godfather of Soul, is coming to the movies courtesy of “The Help” director Tate Taylor. But Taylor told our intrepid LEAH SYDNEY that “Mr. Brown”– which is what they should call the movie since that what James liked to be called– some inside scoop that contradicts previous reports. Mr. Brown will be played by an unknown.

Taylor said: “Right now the project is in development.  We’re getting the script back from the Butterworth brothers (Jez and John-Henry who recently wrote ‘Fair Game’)  and we’re going to hopefully do it next summer.”
Does he have an actor in mind?

Taylor: “That’s my job.  Script first. But it will probably be an unknown.  It could be anybody.  With an iconic role like this, an unknown will probably be the best route.  Someone who can become somebody.”

Taylor was at the Samsung Mobile launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note ll at famed designer’s Kelly Wearstler’s Beverly Hills home.  Joining him to check out all the cool technology that the phone has to offer were his “Help” Academy Award winning pal Octavia Spencer, Liam Hemsworth, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough, Luke Wilson, Eliza Dushku, Jaime-Lynn Sigler and Allison Janney.

Lately there’s a Samsung event every few days somewhere, which is why, I guess, the Galaxy SIII has overtaken the iPhone 5.

Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger are producing the James Brown film, by the way, which makes sense. According to Keith Richards, he and Mick learned all their moves from  Mr. Brown when Ronnie Spector took them to see him at the Apollo Theater in the early 60s. Brown, who died in 2006, rose from a childhood of poverty and violence to becoming one of the most important and vital black artists in history over his six decade career.  Brown himself was involved with Grazer in the earlier development of the project.

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  1. I would hope somewhere in your film you would get my friend Leroy Emmanuel. He has played with James Brown in the past. Played with and stared as Marvin Gay in a movie. He is one groovie cat. if you are looking for young and Unknown my nephew Joel Parisien. He has been nominated for Canadian Juno awards a few times. Won some best artist awards re his funk original music. If you are looking for a needle in a hay stack it’s here stuck to the diamond in the rough.

  2. I feel that Mr. Brown would smile down from heaven, if Mr. Tony Wilson was to play JB in this story of James Brown,.. I my self would love to be in the movie as well, I have always sang like Mr. Brown Know that I’m 63 I sound like the older JB now. 240-707-9748


  4. To whom it my concern it is my understanding that you are looking for a person to do The God Father of soul. all i can say from my personal experience Mr. Tony Wilson is the main person that you should have him for your person to do Mr James.Brown.I personal know that Mr. Brown have know one else to handle hi life in a move about him if you have any question to ask of me please contact My office 561 629 0697 Paul Murray.

  5. My brother Tony Wilson aka young James Brown has personally worked with him in movies like beat the devil. Google it to see. He has also been keeping James Brown vision and legend alive. Just search for young James Brown or Tony Wilson and you will see for yourself. He put on a JB 79th birthday celebration in Barnswell SC and was given the key to the city. As one of the committee members and his baby sister, he is and should be the Only One playing this role. He worked to hard to not be the one selected after all these years. Please select him. You won’t be disappointed. He don’t lip sync his songs. He really sings it. He has that X Factor for James and he is incredible in his flips and splits as well as walking on his HEAD!

  6. I dont think you could ever find a better likeness to James Brown than Tony Wilson! I have watched him perform over many years and that man’s doing it on the “one”! :) His style and his movements captivate people all over the world.
    Google “Tony Wilson”…..

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