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Two time Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis, star of “Lincoln,”  had a lot of fun with Clint Eastwood and with Rupert Murdoch last night at BAFTA/LA’s  Britannia Awards. Here’s how LEAH SYDNEY took it down for us. Video Link at the bottom:

Daniel-“Please excuse me if I’m a little bit groggy.  I was up till probably 2 am in the morning last night watching CNN.  I have to say that I’m so extremely grateful and glad that taking time out of his very busy schedule, the recently re-elected President of the country has made it here. “

He then pointed to the empty chair on the stage.

“I know as an Englishman it’s absolutely none of my business, but I’m just so very grateful it was you. I love Clint Eastwood.  This is no satirical comment on his politics or anything else.  But I have to say, when I saw him talking to a chair in front of a room rull of strangers, I thought I’ve got to try that.  That’s a challenge.  I didn’t pull it off quite as well as him, but anyhow, I’ve got some way to go.”

Daniel then added, “I might be the only who’s phone hasn’t been hacked. I don’t know where Rupert’s boys where when I staggered out of the S and M bar on Kent street with a military explosive on my back dressed in a Mussolini costume. “

“I feel if I go down in flames having desecrated the beloved memory of Lincoln, I’ll probably never rise again. I’ve been blessed by immeasurable good fortune. I’ve never publicly acknowledged the debt I owe my mother.  Without any evidence to base it on she had faith in me, even when I didn’t’.  All I ever wanted to do was just to work as an actor, I’m quietly amazed by this whole thing.”


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