Home Media Hurricane Hiatus: We Were A Little Sidetracked

Just a note to explain recent absence and maybe more spotty postings this week. I went to New Haven on Sunday morning for a family birthday party. Wound up staying over night at the family homestead in Fairfield County, Connecticut Sunday night. By then it was clear Sandy was on her way. By 6:30pm on Monday were were in a powerless house, no internet except via 3G on the good old iPad. The hurricane on Monday night was very impressive and much worse than anyone in Connecticut could have predicted.

We awoke this morning to massive tree damage everywhere. And, still no electricity and now no 3G, no internet, nothing. AT&T and TMobile did not do a good job. United Illuminating continues to be a mystery of a company. Decamped to Manhattan this afternoon but till not home since Greenwich Village has been shut off from electricity and steam heat by Mayor Mike “I Like Bike Lanes No One Uses” Bloomberg. So we wait uptown. But now somewhat reconnected to the world.

Be patient. It’s nothing compared to what people on the Jersey Shore, out in the Rockaways and many other places are going through.

Interesting that on Monday night what got us through it all was good old fashioned radio: first WICC out of Bridgeport, folksy but not very informational. And then Newsradio 88 WCBS, which took over a bunch of frequencies. The old technology is still the best.

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