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Taylor Swift: does she need the Kennedys? Not really. Her “Red” album, a hodgepodge of her songs, Max Martin type production, and tabloid fodder is set to make a stunning debut on Monday. “Red” will be number 1, of course, but by a lot. I mean, a lot. “Red” will have sold between 1.1 mil and 1.25 million copies from this past Monday through Sunday night.

When the reporting comes in this Monday, “Red” will have sold more than the top 50 sells all together according to our friends at www.hitsdailydouble.com. And that’s with fans double-buying, in some cases, five of the songs that were already released as singles.

The mind boggles when you think of a generation that will grow up with “Red” as its “Tapestry” or “Blue” or “No Secrets.” But the world is supposed to end on December 21st, so maybe it won’t matter.

Here’s the real deal:



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