Home Movies Exclusive: “Gotti” Movie May Be Made After All (No Kidding)

Exclusive: it’s not over til the fat lady sings. And that’s the story “Gotti,” to be directed by Barry Levinson, with John Travolta and Al Pacino starring, and James Toback having re-penned the screenplay. Readers of this column know that “Gotti” has collapsed a couple of times. Its nominal producer Marc Fiore, was revealed her as Marco Fiore, a graduate of Allenwood State Penitentiary and primary figure in a Boiler Room scheme on Wall Street.

But I am told that producer Ted Field– a real producer with a proven track record– may at last have the money to make “Gotti.” And his Radar Pictures is looking for Winter 2013 start date. Fiore will not be part of the project, although there’s no doubt his name will linger on prints and DVDs as “producer” for all eternity. I actually met the person who could be the financier, a name fairly unknown in these parts, but with enough of a background perhaps to make this all happen.

Someone call Travolta and tell him to hit the treadmill. Game on. Maybe.

Read the real story of why the “Gotti” Movie fell apart here:


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