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The Rolling Stones posted a video on YouTube this morning with no fanfare–about the concerts I’ve told you about exclusively. The London O2 arena shows are on November 25th and 29th. The Prudential Center shows in Newark are December 15th and 19th. No word on the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, where they’re still trying to make a deal. Weird way to make an announcement? Yes. According to You Tube, the video only has 302 viewings so far. The single “Doom and Gloom” was also offered up in an odd way, and it’s suffered. I’ve no doubt the concert tickets will sell out quickly.


Already huge blocks of tickets marked way up in price have found their way to UK re-seller ViaGogo for all four shows. They’re asking upwards of $6,500 for front row seats at the Prudential Center. This is what I told you was going to happen, last week.

Anyway, it’s all as has been described here for weeks and weeks. I told you the tickets were going on sale this week. Etc. http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/10/10/exclusive-rolling-stones-concert-tix-will-go-on-sale-next-week

I also told you that Richard Branson would be launching his VirginLive with these shows. Back on August 30th: http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/08/30/exclusive-rolling-stones-dates-in-new-york-and-london


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  1. Roger, hope you’ll also be the first to confirm (as you’ve already hinted) that this is just the beginning of a multi-city tour! I cannot for the life of me imagine that my $1000+ ticket will bring me more enjoyment than the time I paid $500, or the time I paid $300, or the time I paid $200…I’m sure they’ll be well-rehearsed, but after such a long tour hiatus (in non-Keef, human years) I’m a little wait-and-see re their onstage prowess…

    The other thing: if they do more dates, will prices be at the same high range? Will a diehard fan shell out $800 for a ticket (if he can get it) only to find that a RS show in 2013 is far cheaper? Or does Branson’s participation in this tour all but guarantee that this is how it’s going to be moving forward?

    You’ve also hinted at the shoddy last minute nature of the dates and venues. This surprised me because usually Mick has taken care of every detail. The video’s editing was a little bit of a turn-off. Anyway, since they have a new marketing and promoting arm, I won’t be surprised if there are more blunders along the way, but the glory of rock shall prevail.

  2. I love the Rolling Stones and all, BUT I’m not sure I want to see Mick “prancing” around the stage at this point in his life.

    How old is he now, 69-70?

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