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Bruce Springsteen is joining the presidential race. He’s coming to an Obama rally in Parma, Ohio on October 18th, where he will no doubt put on a great performance. Springsteen’s appearance in Ohio, a swing state, maybe the first of several in places where Obama supporters need reassurance and a little entertainment. Previously, the Boss said he was staying out of the race. But he helped Obama in 2008 and it worked. The Obama campaign uses Bruce’s “We Take Care of Our Own” as one of its rallying cries. Bill Clinton will also speak at the Parma event. Maybe he’ll play a little sax with Bruce. It’s unclear whether Bruce will be on his own or joined by members of the E Street Band.

Meanwhile, E Street’s Steve van Zandt is in the last leg of raising money for his Rascals reunion shows on Kickstarter.com. van Zandt needs $20,000 more in donations. The Rascals — and I’m told this is a scoop– were the first band Stevie and Bruce ever saw. And both at the same time, and before they knew each other. This was at the Keyport Roller Drome Battle of the Bands in 1965.

So contribute already, says my source– to Obama and to the Rascals!





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