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Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson documentary, “Bad 25,” is getting a short theatrical run before its airing on ABC. “Bad 25” will play for one week in New York beginning October 19th, and one week in Los Angeles starting October 26th. These will be qualifying runs for the Academy Awards. The TV date is Thanksgiving. The New York theater is AMC at 66 Third Avenue. The LA venue is Chinese 6 in Hollywood. The film is another part of the “Bad 25” campaign that already includes the boxed set and the various CD/DVD configurations. If you don’t have the “Bad 25” double CD with the remastered original album and the demos album, you’re really missing something. And then the DVD of the Wembley Stadium show is a rare Jackson live performance. The “Bad25” has been nicely done by the Jackson estate but a little under-marketed by Sony. The demos are particularly great–something Sony has not capitalized on for some reason.

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  1. Sony is either the most inept record company when it comes to promoting. a product or they know exactly what they’re doing. as sinister as this sounds , perhaps they never wanted thls release to be the success it could have been. You figure out why?

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