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Here’s the new single from the Rolling Stones, “Doom and Gloom”–look below on this home page for the video. The song has the word ‘fracking’ in it! “D&G” debuted at 3:15am Eastern time on BBC Radio 2. It’s written by Mick Jagger. It has a hot guitar riff from Keith Richards. Basically, it’s a stomp, with Jagger doing a blues shout.  The other single the group approved for its upcoming retrospective “Grrrr…” album of hits is a Richards song, called “One More Shot,” which will come with the album. The songs were produced by Don Was. A melody or an actual song would have been nice, but this at least has a lot of youthful energy. It’s actually a little punk.

Also: the venues and cities for the Stones dates in our prior item are correct. The dates come straight from the horses’ mouths. So if one or two of them is off by a day, we’re doing our best. The Stones have had uneasy negotiations with all venues. But the tickets are going on sale, everything is happening. And no matter what you’ve read, we scooped the dates, the places, and the cities before anyone. Rock on!






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