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Maybe, like me, you weren’t getting it. Taylor Swift, best known for dating scandals and her Kennedy summer, has four new singles out at once. The fourth one came out today.  I liked the the third one the best. It’s called “Begin Again.” The first 0ne was “We Will Never Ever Get Back Together Again.” Then came “Red,” the title track from her October 22nd album. “Begin Again” was soooo last week. Now we have “I Knew You Were Trouble,” which could be a title about the singer. A fifth single will be released next Tuesday, and then I guess a sixth one on the 22nd. So half the album will have been introduced as singles by the day the album hits. It’s an interesting way of doing things in the singles-centric iTunes generation. The kids want something new and disposable every week, so why not give it to them? It’s pop instant gratification! And more importantly, for the record company, they’re selling!

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