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Guys: I was never a Rush fan. Sorry. But everyone’s welcome to their opinion, and Rush fans are welcome here. Petition the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, write to Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone, make your voices heard. As for Deep Purple, I have always loved “Smoke on the Water” and “Hush.” Should they be in the Rock Hall? I don’t know. Again, there are plenty of bands I think that should come before each of these outfits. But maybe one of them will make it. I’m surprised KISS fans are angrier.PS “Smoke on the Water” deserves to be in for one of the most recognizable riffs in history.



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  1. You dont (know) Rush…?
    You only know Deep Purple for S.O.T.W…?
    Deep Purple have been writing & playing some of the best rock&roll for 45 years
    There are not “plenty of outfits that deserve to come before”
    You definitely do not know rock & roll, nor does the R&RHOF…

  2. The key comment in the above and probably the only true thing you have stated is “I don’t know”.

    You didn’t have to tell us that – we all figured that part out !

    IDIOT !

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