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You want press for your nominees list? Release it at 4pm. You want to hide it and keep it out of newspapers, let alone web reporter who are awake>? How about midnight? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame put out its list of possible inductees after midnight this morning because it is so freaking embarassing they’d rather not discuss it. It’s a pathetic selection that includes rap groups Public Enemy and NWA, followed by mediocre (to say the least) rockers Deep Purple and Rush (I didn’t think this was possible).

Many of the nominees were already on the short list as recently as last year including the late Donna Summer (disco), Chic, and Heart.

The only people who should make it from the list are singer-songwriter Randy Newman and original Motown group the Marvelettes.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band is a nice idea, however odd at this point.

But not on the list, and far more worthy are Sting (individual artist), Bon Jovi, Chicago, Hall & Oates, the Moody Blues, the late Mary Wells and the late Billy Preston. Female pop stars Carly Simon and Linda Ronstadt are also missing. Cyndi Lauper would have been appropriate. How about a true original and influence like George Clinton? or the Eurythmics? Or if you’re so into rap, how about Kurtis Blow, or the Sugarhill Gang, the original rappers?

But at this point, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke. They’ve painted themselves into a corner by skipping almost completely over the 1970s and then starting to include rap groups who sampled rock and roll had no absolutely no influence over anything. At least Nile Rodgers and Chic have had a worldwide influence with songs like “We Are Family” and “Good Times.”

But I dare you to name a “song” by Public Enemy or NWA (can you remember what this stood for? The N is a play on the N word.) Chuck D from Public Enemy is a nice guy, but really…

This is what Joel Peresman, who runs the Rock and Roll Hall Fame Foundation here in New York, gets a salary of $400,000 a year for. To come up with these names.

The other names are Joan Jett, Kraftwerk, the Meters (sort of New Orleans R&B– and a good vote), Procol Harum (beloved for one hit–“Whiter Shade of Pale”), and blues artist Albert King.

Rush? Rush? Can Kansas and Styx be far behind?

Jann Wenner must be hanging from a chandelier. This group, no matter how it turns out, will not be selling seats next March at the Waldorf Astoria.

But the fact is, this thing is over. The original purpose of the Hall of Fame was long ago achieved. Early rockers, British invasion, singer songwriters, early R&B, the people who invented rock and roll–they’re mostly in. Only Chubby Checker and Bill Haley and the Comets have been locked out.

Sad, sad, sad.

Oh yeah: who would I choose from this miserable collection? The Meters, Randy Newman, Paul Butterfield, Chic, and Joan Jett.

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  1. Roger. How is it possible to sell 43 million records WITHOUT having 1 top 10 hit? How is it possible to be 3rd ALL-TIME in consecutive gold and platinum records (trailing The Beatles and The Rolling Stones) without having 1 single hit? I will tell you, since you clearly do not play an instrument or write songs. The ONLY WAY to have this kind of success over 40 years is to be exceptional musicians and be exceptional song writers. IT’S THE ONLY WAY! You may not like them, but you can’t rattle off shit in an article without fact checking. There is NO BAND more influential than RUSH right now. You don’t have to like, but it’s true. If you had spent 30 minutes scouring the internet for RRHOF biggest snubs, you would have found the RUSH was #1 on everyone’s list. The likelihood of all of all them being wrong and you being right are slim and none. Go listen to your stupid Sting CD’s now!

  2. “Long Hair Styles” WTF!! That has to be the most lame attempt to discredit a Bands influence I have ever seen. what is “Long Hair Styles” I guess thats opposite of “Short Hair Styles” Sheesh! How lame! Bands like Foo Fighters, to Dream Theater, Muse, Metallica, Primus and musicians like Kirk Hammet, Sebastian Bach, Billy Corgan (by the way, he’s bald), Les Claypool, Mike Portnoy, Vinnie Paul, Taylor Hawkins all cite Rush as a major influence. The Band Deep Purple probably has the widest family tree in rock history. This one band alone influenced and created a vast network of rock bands and musicians whose legacy stretches all over rock history. This one band spurned on bands and musicians like Captain Beyond, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Ian Gillan Band, Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes Gary Moore, Tommy Bolin, Hughes Turner Project, Graham Bonnet, Alkatrazz, the list is endless, But you wouldn’t know a thing about influences. since you consider all of this “Long Hair Styles” That critique just shows your total ignorance but there is one thing that is right about all of this, your attempt to paint Deep Purple and Rush as mediocre is as lame as the RnR HOF.

  3. what what what… do you even know what you are saying? Rush is one of the greatest most enduring bands of all time. have you seen them live or even listened to any of thier music.. kansas and stix dont even belong in the same paragraph with these guys let alone sentence. Mabie you should do a little research before you post things like this. they have sold alot of records, won every music award possable in canada and most in the US and UK. they have a star on the hollywood walk of fame and now are gonna be inducted in the hall of fame. they have lasted 40 years ya thats right 40 friggn years and just went #2 on the billboard charts a few MONTHS ago with thier latest release. if you can name one BAND that has done that EVERafter 40 years , ill say im wrong. What else do they have to do to convince people like you that they are worthy of greatness. they can be spoken about in the same sentence as the stones or beatles.. look it up if you dont believe me… for myself and millions of other people, this vindicates the hall of fame…. the only two who belong from your list is randy newman and joan jett and my money is on randy as the only one. bands like rush are the reason the hall was created. to remind us a hundred years from now where music came from. not for crap like justin beiber, usher and chris brown whom you obviosly are a fan of…..

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