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This morning Adele has confirmed my news that she’s written and recorded the theme song for the James Bond movie “Skyfall.” I think this news escaped early–it was meant for release on Friday. Adele will debut “Skyfall” on Thursday at 7pm EST on www.adele.tv

Here are links to our Adele coverage: http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/09/29/adele-may-be-a-bigger-draw-than-daniel-craig-for-skyfall

And here are some lyrics, exclusive to this column. Thanks to sources in the record biz:

“This is the end/Hold your breath and count to ten/Feel the Earth move and then/Hear my heart burst again.”

“Let the sky fall/Let it crumble/We will stand tall/And face it all/together.”

“Skyfall/Is where we start/A thousand miles and poles apart/Where worlds collide/and days are denied/You can take my name/But you’ll never take my heart”

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