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“Good Morning America” is claiming a huge victory over the “Today” show now in the ratings. “GMA” is claiming that for the first time in 17 years it has won a quarter–three months–in total ratings, and has also been number one for 28 straight days. How have they done it? I agree with “Today” show producer Jim Bell. “GMA” has taken a sharp turn into being a tabloid show without much substance. They took advantage of the confusion at the “Today” show and just went for the lowest common denominator. When they played a game show about Jessica Simpson on 9-11 that was the defining moment, I think. George Stephanopolous reduced to constant, giddy reminders that Simpson was on her way–that said it all.

So “GMA” is crowing. Their press release reads: “GMA” led “Today” (4.085 million and 1.676 million, respectively) by +884,000 Total Viewers and +237,000 Adults 25-54.  In the final week of the season, “GMA” scored its largest Total Viewer and Adults 25-54 advantages over the “Today “ in more than 18 years – since w/o 5/16/94 and w/o 8/8/94, respectively.”

More from the press release: “Good Morning America” won the 3rd Quarter 2012, ranking as the No. 1 morning newscast in Total Viewers (4.757 million) during a quarter for the first time in more than 17 years (since 2Q95), according to Nielsen Media ResearchImpressively, “GMA” outperformed NBC’s Olympics-fuel “Today Show” (4.588 million) by +169,000 viewers during 3Q12, finishing No. 1 in all 11 non-Olympic weeks of the 13-week 3rd quarter.

The “Today” show seems clueless about what has happened, especially with Ann Curry. They’ve got to plot a way back, some kind of truce with Curry that is real, and that the audience understands. Right now, the audience is furious, and they’re taking it out on the show. Such a weird series of events for “Today,” which is so much better than “GMA” in any iteration.

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