Home Celebrity Monica Lewinsky Book: Real, or a Viral Election Smear?

Big news that Monica Lewinsky might be selling her tell all book, maybe for as much as $12 million. Big news except I surmised as much and told you guys last year in this column after I met Monica at a screening in New York. Here it is: http://www.showbiz411.com/2011/11/07/monica-lewinsky-is-just-fine-james-franco-has-art-in-his-genes

Monica said then she had big project for 2012. I guessed from our conversation that it was a book. She has every right to write one. Her life was ruined from the Clinton scandal. She was expected to just go away. Why should she? Now, with the perspective of 14 years, the 35 year old can and should tell her side of the story.

And make money from it? Why not? Since leaving office Bill Clinton has made hundreds of millions of dollars. (And I love Bill Clinton, warts and all.)

So Monica, let the games begin. And there’s no reason why should she be embarrassed or be in hiding.

PS The Huffington Post says the book is not happening, that the stories are untrue. Hmmm….Could this have been just a planted viral item to upset the election apple cart intended to slime Clinton and, by association, Obama? Just asking…


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