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The Academy Awards have finally figure out how to neuter the Golden Globes. They’re going to announce Oscar nominations on January 10th, three days before the Golden Globes show, and five days before they were going to do it previously. They will also be one day before the Broadcast Critics’ Critics Choice Awards. The Oscar nominations always come after the Golden Globes show giving Academy voters a day to consider how they want to react to the choices of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Now the Academy members will be out on there on their own. Will it work? I think it’s pretty funny, actually. The Academy despises the Globes. Now they’ve stolen their thunder by making the Oscar nominations the first order of business on “Golden Globe weekend.” Hilarious! The whole Oscar prognosticating thing is getting out of hand, anyway. So called pundits are making lists up now, without having seen half of the movies! But kudos to the Academy for extreme cleverness in this wicked chess game.

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