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It was just like a 10 year high school reunion Sunday on the rooftop of the non-residential Hotel Chanterelle on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. That’s where the hot cast of the new movie “10 Years,” reunited for a brunch so the press could chat with them and they could catch up with each other. Had anyone changed?

For one thing, the group as inspired a real life romance: nice kids Max Minghella and Kate Mara held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes all morning. His father was the beloved director Anthony Minghella; her family owns the New York Giants. And they’re not in their “Twilight” years. A relief.

Channing Tatum was there with wife Jenna Dewan; again, too nice for words. Also too good looking for their own good. It’s ridiculous.

Anthony Mackie, a superstar in the making, already well known from “The Hurt Locker” and “Half Nelson,”  talked about his just signed role in the next “Captain America.”

Also chowing down from the cast: Brian Geraghty, another “Hurt Locker” alumnus.

And then there was my old friend Rosario Dawson, the great beauty and talented actress. She’s living part time in London, and having a ball. She’s also working out of Los Angeles to organize young voters at www.votolatino.com. Go there and register if you haven’t already. I am waiting for Rosario to break through–I still think there’s an awards season in her future. She’s one of the most underrated actors in so called Hollywood.

And everyone was excited to hear a live, impromptu performance by Oscar Isaac on guitar (see our video player on the home page). Oscar, who’s the star of the new Coen Bros. movie next year about the
Greenwich Village folk movement of the early 1960s, played his hit, “Never Had.” He sings it in the movie–he plays a rock star like John Mayer returning home for the first time. The “10 years” soundtrack is available for download on iTunes. Watch out for Oscar: he could easily have a music career to go along with the acting.

And big news from Anthony Mackie: while he does all his award winning acting, he’s got a bar out in Brooklyn. It’s so successful he’s about to open one a little closer to Manhattan, in thriving Williamsburg.


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