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Exclusive: Google is often accused of being highly secretive. Its campus is heavily guarded and secured so the general public can’t go roaming around. But I am told that a Hollywood movie is about to shoot there on the campus. “The Internship,” directed by Shawn Levy, starring Will Ferrell, with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in their first duet since “Wedding Crashers”– is scheduled to film at Google shortly.

The film is supposed to shoot exteriors and interiors. We’ll see some of the offices at the mysterious internet giant. Maybe we’ll see what really goes in Eric Schmidt’s office! And who knows: maybe the characters will stumble into the Google X labs–now there’s a plotline we can offer to Vaughn and company!

The movie is set at a large internet company, where an intern may be the undoing of Wilson and Vaughn’s characters–laid off guys who are trying to make it as interns and are forced to answer to 20 year old managers. Vaughn wrote the script. Yes, it’s a comedy, for 20th Century Fox. Levy is best known for the “Night at the Museum” movies.

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  1. You know, you can actually just park your car on the street and walk on to the campus if you want to. You can even go into the offices and ask for a tour. I don’t work there, but it’s really not that secretive.

  2. This is NOT TRUE. I’m a Georgia Tech student. Our campus was transformed with Google logos and Google-colored paraphernalia and Google-everything to make it look like Google’s campus. The Georgia Tech campus looked like the Googleplex for about 2 months while the shooting was going on.

  3. They were definitely shooting this at Georgia Tech, recruiting students as extras, etc. There were Google signs and bikes everywhere here. As an incoming freshman and a computer science major, my heart leapt when I saw all that stuff, only to have my dreams dashed to discover buildings labeled “Google” were merely offices on campus.

  4. Fondodelson, context (and grammar) is everything:

    starring Will Ferrell, with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in their first duet since “Wedding Crashers”

    Note the “, with” between Will Ferrel and the duo of Vaughn and Wilson. The “duet” describes the two people in the second part of the sentence.

  5. “Highly secretive?” “Heavily guarded?” I was there for a meeting not long ago, and I parked, walked in, and blended with the employees milling around. No one gave me a second glance.

  6. We were just at the Stanford University campus this past Friday for a college tour and they were filming there as well. It was rumored that they were filming Wedding Crashers 2 — but this clears that up.

  7. Enough of Will Ferrell already, ugh, this guy is worse than Adam Sandler in being everywhere at the same time…please flush this turd once and for all.

  8. I would check facts. They turned Georgia Tech’s campus into “Google’s” campus over the summer to shoot this film. I don’t think any of the filming will be on Google’s actual campus at all.

  9. They recently shot a lot of this movie at Georgia Tech University, with some school buildings done up to look like the Google campus. When you see the movie, the Google campus scenes will be a mix of the real thing and Georgia Tech.

  10. Google is pure evil. It’s pretty funny how the media obsesses about every last secret detail about the secretive Scientology, but they never even mention ultra-secretive Google.

  11. …”tarring Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in their first duet since “Wedding Crashers…”—- isn’t a duet with TWO people?

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