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Mitt Romney maybe should get a clue. He tells Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan next week on his taped segment with them who sees playing him in the movies: though Romney is 65, he imagines Gene Hackman, 84 and a half, retired, curmudgeonly, half Jewish, voice of hardware store ads, to play him on film. Okay? And Ann Romney? Mitt sees Michelle Pfeiffer. I see dead people. The Romneys taped their interview today for a show called “Live!” and it airs on Tuesday. There’s nothing worse on “Live!” than a canned interview, except for a canned ham. It’s interesting who people see themselves as on film and in fiction. I always thought my late friend Ron Silver was playing me, and he was several years older–but not 20.

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  1. Gene Hackman isn’t “half Jewish”, or any “percentage” Jewish (although of course he did play a “half Jewish” man in The Royal Tenenbaums). His great-grandfather was Pennsylvania Dutch (German), which is where the surname comes from.

    I guess his father’s middle name, “Ezra”, might sound Jewish today, though it wasn’t out of place among non-Jews 100 years ago (and relatively rare among Jews then).

    Speaking of Ezras, how cool is the cast of this new movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Logan Lerman, Paul Rudd, Ezra Miller… a lot of Jewish actors in one film (well, this Ezra is a halfsie). I do love getting off topic…

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