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On Thursday a lot happens: while President Barack Obama makes a very important acceptance speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, Madonna will be playing at Yankee Stadium. Fashion Week will start in New York and Los Angeles with boutique-crawls. And the Toronto Film Festival opens with Rian Johnson’s “Looper.”

But more earth-shaking: while Taylor Swift performs at the MTV Video Music Awards in Hollywood, her 18 year old boyfriend Conor Kennedy is supposed to be at the first day for returning students at Deerfield Academy in western Massachusetts.

Kennedy is starting his junior year at Deerfield, a school famous its alumni including writer John Gunter, whose classic memoir “Death Be Not Proud” is set at the school. Returning students are mandated to be at school at 9:30am on the 6th, with a full day of classes on Friday.

It’s doubtful that with two years left til graduation Kennedy will be allowed an excuse to attend the VMAs at the Staples Center. Instead he will have to watch Swift, 22, sing “I Will Never Ever Date a Celebrity and Write a Song About It” from his dorm room. Taylor will sing the song with fingers crossed behind her back.Conor will no doubt be razzed by his buddies, who may not seen him since tragic death of his mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy, last May.

Recently, there were reports that Taylor sent a plane for Conor because she missed him so much wherever she was–Nashville, probably. But it’s unlikely that plane will be landing at Deerfield on Thursday morning.

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  1. Roger, “who may not (HAVE) seen him since (THE) tragic death of his mother” Really? Please read before hitting send. I tell my students have a proofreader…thanks for the example proving my point.

  2. You sure are rude. Who gives a crap if Conor is still in high school. He’s 18 which legally makes him an adult. So keep your big nose out of their business creep.

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