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Well, it’s quite fascinating: Graydon Carter, never afraid of a bold move, has dumped Tom Cruise from the Hollywood elite. In the new issue of Vanity Fair, Carter has published a cover story by Maureen Orth exposing Tom Cruise’s entire background in Scientology. The magazine has used a pick-up picture — very very rare for them– of Katie Holmes on the cover to sell issues, just like People or Us Weekly. The party, my friends, is over.

By doing this, Carter slams right into friends at CAA, the agency that represents Tom. He also essentially ends any relationship with Cruise. Since I’m not able yet to read the entire story–and won’t be until tonight–I am only going by the teaser on the Vanity Fair home page and by comments made on the blog belonging to former Scientologist and very active outside revealer Marty Rathbun. It doesn’t look good, that’s for sure.

Here’s a link to one of my original stories from FoxNews.com, 2005. I notice Fox has erased my byline. Ah well. Anyway:


VF and Orth, probably through Rathbun, have played a devasating card in the Cruise-Scientology story. They’ve gotten a 33 year old actress named Nazanin Boniadi, a real beauty with a lilting English accent, to tell how she was auditioned as a possible wife for Cruise in 2004. Boniadi, who later got a lot of TV work, was an ambitious Scientology student from 2000 to 2003. She worked her way up to “OT5”–Operating Thetan, level 5– in short order. She was being fast tracked to be a big celebrity Scientologist.

It may be that Boniadi has left Scientology now as she is very friendly with another escapee, director Paul Haggis, as well. But her story from 2004 tracks with stories I wrote the following year about women being auditioned to be Mrs. Cruise. Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johnansson, and Kate Bosworth were on that list.

Katie Holmes, the youngest and most vulnerable, wound up the “winner.” I reported then exclusively that she left New York for a meeting with Cruise on “Mission Impossible 3” around April 12, 2005 and was not seen or heard from again for 16 days until she turned up in Rome as the love of Tom Cruise’s life. The situation progressed quickly from there. Katie cut off all her ties to friends and business associates. She became pregnant with Suri and married Cruise. And then it all fell apart quickly this past spring, seven years later.

On Sunday evening, once I’ve read Orth’s piece, I’ll address other issues. But for now, just the notion that Vanity Fair–once very friendly to Cruise–has pulled the trigger is fascinating and brave of Carter. He senses that Cruise is “done” in Hollywood anyway. His power has been sapped by Holmes’s sneak attack this summer–a divorce in 11 days–unheard of.

And it’s not just CAA that Carter is toying with. It’s also Cruise’s legendary pit bull attorney Bert Fields. Because for Vanity Fair to take this on brings the discussion to a higher level than when it’s been in a tabloid. It’s also going to make it nearly a mission impossible for Cruise to publicity for his next film at Christmas without all of this being a major issue. Cruise may now have a seat next to Mel Gibson in Hollywood’s permanant penalty box.

Meanwhile, Boniadi remains fascinating, too. The Iranian born actress makes no mention of her deep (former?) association with Scientology on her website. It’s all about her work with Amnesty International now. Raw ambition in Hollywood–it’s the stuff of Jackie Collins novels. In fact, if I were my pal Jackie, I’d be typing right now as fast as I could. The rise of Naz Boniadi is a classic.

More tonight…



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  1. I’m a big fan of Tom Cruise. Unlike Brad PItt, he doesn’t make ultra artsy films that I don’t understand and regret spending time watching, nor does he sell-out and make junk movies to dupe his fans. He has given us blockbusters year after year, and I have been vastly entertained. All this negative focus on his religion I don’t get–Scientology has not produced suicide bombers nor nutcases cutting people’s head off in the name of their gods, they don’t stone women or rape children. Yet Tom is attacked again and again because of Scientology, while Islamic temples are popping up everywhere. What is wrong with this country?

  2. JimInNashville: I don’t doubt that Cruise and Kidman were basically decent people. It doesn’t follow that this story isn’t true or that Scientology is harmless.

    Incidentally, Cruise’s years with Kidman were marked by a retreat from Scientology. His ultra-serious involvement didn’t begin until around the time of the divorce.

  3. I think Katie genuinely cared for him I mean really most people wouldn’t have agreed to a prenup where she gets nothing if it were to end. Not to mention all she took was child support and nothing else its not as if it helped her career any. Tom wouldn’t have bothered with her if she wasn’t an easy mark. Think about it he probably thought I’m her dream come true and she’d never grow up and leave me.

    If she was in it for the fame and fortune alone she would’ve stayed like Kelly Preston despite all the scandals about John and I find her to be a far bigger idiot than Katie here.

  4. Great story! You’re right about Vanity Fair burning their bridges with Tom, but what is great is that they don’t care! Tom doesn’t have the clout that he used to. people are tired of him, his crazy antics and nutty cult. But what is so GREAT, is that people are now talking about the cult and what it does to people! Most journalists are afraid of litigous retaliation and almost all defectors are stalked, harassed and blackmailed, that’s why so few have spoken up against it. But times, they are a-changing! Defectors are speaking up and the truth is coming out. Maybe this will be the begining of the end for the”church.” It’s all a big fraud, used primarily to extort money from people. Why else would they have to pay more and more money for higher and higher levels of “teaching.” TIME Magazine wrote a brilliant cover story about them in the 90’s and things haven’t changed. They suck people in, take all their money then punish them in bizarre and demeaning ways when they fall out of favor. Who would put up with that? If you were a member of a “church” would you allow them to punish you by cleaning toilets with a toothbrush? I am starting to think that the idiots who join it, deserve it. But Tom has never been a smart man. He’s a dyslexic high school drop out who never went to college. In truth, his image and career took a nose-dive when he fired Pat Kingsly. He’s finished and I think the world is pretty happy about that.

  5. I am so tired of Tom Cruise. He has always been a short, mediocre “actor”. The only movie he made that I used to like was Top Gun and that was mainly the great flying scenes and Goose. Tom and Kelly in their love scene was such a miss match, totally unbelievable.

    Since all the Scientology guff, I really do not like Tom Cruise for bantering his religion as the one and only religion. Personally, I think it is a cult.

    When will people use the brain that God gave them and stop letting men on earth influence and lead them like sheep? Think for yourself do not be led by some person who is just a good talker.

    I praised Vanity Fair for opening their eyes to the stupidity of the whole Cruise charade. Let’s hope others will follow and stop putting people in Hollywood on a high pedestal, folks, they are just people not Gods, certainly not people you want to idolize.

    For myself, the only worshiping I do is to God and Jesus (my choice) and I will never worship a media star or any other person on the earth.

  6. Thank you Maureen Orth for exposing the truth! Thank you Graydon Carter for standing by Maureen Orth and for your dignity and integrity.
    VF is showing the world the real and honest journalism is about. This is not only about having a girlfriend for Tom Cruise, this is about crushing a young woman’s dignity by lying to her and then punishing her.
    This is about Human Trafficking and Human Rights Violation. An organization called “Church of Scientology” uses its member to please their celebs (Tom Cruise).
    Nazanin was made to believe that this is a “special Project” to help mankind. She was never told that this is a wife-finding for Tom Cruise. She was threatened, lied to and then when she found out this was all scam, Tom Cruise and David Miscavige imprisoned her at their location in Florida (Flag landbase) for 4 months where she was physically and mentally tortured.
    This Cult should be destroyed, Tom Cruise and David Miscavige should be brought to justice and sent behind bars for life time. They are dangerous to the world and mankind.
    Enough is enough!

  7. Hey Mr. Friedman and good investigative journalists everywhere … here’s the next best story for you. Follow the trail of those Scientology sponsored Freedom Magazine hate sites. Some dentist Scientologist is supposedly making some of the smear sites with the Scientology management — they are flabbergasting, the Sceintologists photoshop photos (copyright infringed ones too) in the most juvenile and mentally deranged way…to try to make their targets look bad, and post them.
    These hate sites are done to try to discredit former students and people they fear along with the former executives who left. The sites are a hoot, lying and snarling about their targets. But more disturbing, it’s pathological duplicity at its best. —————- The evidence is right there! Created by the Scientology organization OSA (Office of Special Affairs). They took down the one they tried on Placido Domingo Jr. but there are plenty of juicy ones (evidence!!) still up.——-

  8. I applaud VF as well for finally getting to the truth w/Scientology. I agree w/others that Katie Holmes paved the way for this to happen. Scientology is a cult, pure and simple, as well as a huge Ponzi Scheme it appears. I cannot understand why anyone with any kind of intelligence would get involved with it in the first place other than to further their careers and make money. The philosophy behind it is SO science fiction based and cultish. I would take my money and throw it in the toilet and worship the pumpkin in my backyard before I had anything to do with that group. And btw .. it IS Katie Holmes on the cover of VF not Kate Middleton.

  9. Why would you say that Katie was the youngest when both Scarlett Johannson and Kate Bosworth were both younger by several years?

    And as for Katie to be the most “vulnerable”? Please.
    It is only her PR people who are still pushing her as little Joey Potter.

  10. Tom Cruise is a vile disgusting CREEP and $cientology is a dangerous and abusive CULT. It is so nice to finally see the curtain finally coming down on this giant fraud. So happy for Katie!

  11. Really great article. I’m no fan of Orth but you, Friedman, are always a winner.

    Very interested to see what you uncover in the coming days around this story.

  12. Excellent storied Mr. Friedman. The general population isn’t as stupid and gullible that Scientologists believe.

    Scientologists take courses in the “Tone Scale” and communication, then use these things to smoke & mirrors, thinking manipulation of others is the same thing as being “causative.”

    The fact that Scientology thinks people will believe their posturing histrionics and their grotesque slander campaigns against people who are well-loved and respected shows…no nice way to put this … they’re not mentally competent. And these people are selling mental health?

    Most people are indeed basically good and tolerate other’s beliefs — likewise, good people do not tolerate the falsity of using help and beliefs as a coverup for serious human rights abuses. I refer to “Scientology Fair Game” and their notorious smear tactics.

  13. A friend and colleague had a chance to meet Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and spend a considerable amount of time with them. He described them as very bright, completely nice and down-to-earth. It seems to me that the cult of celebrity includes a considerable amount of hate and schadenfreude. It speaks very poorly of the people whose lives are controlled by these emotions.

    Graydon Carter has run Vanity Fair into the ground with his relentlessly stupid editorials constantly inflicting on us his infantile views of politics and world affairs. He’s also had to retract some previous stories that proved horribly false. Seems to me Carter has a bigger credibility problem than Cruise.

  14. This is justice day for so many people who have been abused by the Scientology organization and Tom Cruise’s endorsement, pretending to be righteous while they blatantly lie and cover things up.

    Scientology is lying about the scenario reported on actress N. Bondiani. Blatantly, cooly lying, as the organization does with no conscience or remorse. Vanity Fair is reporting the truth.

    Tom Cruise is showing his real colors but still being two faced. He supports an organization (Scientology) that sneakily uses slander and calumny to intimidate persons who have taken a course and speak truth or disagree with them or whistle blow. Case in point: Placido Domingo Jr. There is plenty to read about Placido Domingo Jr. and Scientology.

    If you think the public outrage and disgust is too strong, take a look at “Tom Cruise and Paulette Cooper”.

    If fear is too strong a word, then take a look at Rex Fowler, the Denver Scientology guy convicted of murder last year.

    The organization makes vicious hate sites as punishments against former executives, against artists such as Jason Beghe, Michael Fairman, Vanna Bonta (who took a course 15+ years ago) — forums claim they stalk these people, sending members and intimidators to their homes, they use back channels to undermine and discredit them. Michael Fairman’s job was threatened at CBS. The writers of South Park had their offices searched, trash sifted through, and a mole sent in to spy on them — by Scientologists.

    This is just the beginning.

    Tom Cruise is a fraud and a switch and bait front guy for a questionable unethical organization that considers itself exempt from society’s universal moral codes.


  15. I read alot on this relegion, and it’s a cult. Greta from Fox News will not like it. Most churches are very normal. You read the bilble, go to sunday school and to church, They talk about God. Congress needs to take away there tax statious and make them pay taxes. Tom Crusie has lost it, I cannot watch him anymore. Anybody who leaves a Church, has the right to. A cult is a cult and this is what Cos is.

  16. Sorry, but I believe Katie Holmes won the prize because she was already pregnant with Suri when the first meeting took place. To Cruise this was a plus he had not had a biological child and most probably can’t. Suri was the deal maker…a way for Cruise to put the Gay rumors behind him…as if.

  17. Roger come oooon! I agree that Tom Cruise’ life and career, of late, is a PR hot mess, to say the least. But to even associate Tom Cruise in the same sentence with that misogynist, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, homophobic, in fact: MISANTHROPIC cretin Mel Gibson, is beyond mean!

    The church of Scientology may have a bad rep for any number of reasons, but I believe Tom Cruise is a good person and I will continue to believe that. Tom Cruise has earned and deserves the benefit of our collective good opinion.

    Mitt Romney is not unqualified to be President because he’s a Mormon. And if President Obama WERE a Muslim, it should not be a disqualifier for him either. Michael Jackson, a genius, was a Jehovah’s Witness for a long time. Neither then, should we hold Tom Cruise’s association with Scientology against him.

  18. The “happy, PR train” known as Scientology has officially crashed and burned. It is impossible for anyone NOT to see Katie Holmes’ ending of her marriage to Cruise as anything less than an escape. The only thing missing was the sirens and the barbed wire.

    All of the “cloak and dagger Holmes had to pull is a clear indication of how dangerous her escape from Cruise and Scientology truly was.

    I applaud Vanity Fair for having the guts to write it as such.

  19. Roger, you always cut through through the fog, and are among the handful of journalists who are able to understand the complexities of the Cult of Scientology-Cruise.

    In your old article there, about Katie’s dating, it’s interesting that you mentioned Jessica Feshbach, as Katie’s “new best friend.” As we know now, Jessica was part of the post-wife-search “team,” and actually a Sea Org member who was on assignment to monitor and control Katie Holmes. But you had everything right Roger, way back then.

    I also think you are spot on, about Scientology being this stepping stool for actors and actresses clawing their way to success, a “club” as it was for Paul Haggis.

    Jessica became seriously ill about a year ago, possibly incurable, and had to step down as Katie Holmes’ Scientology “handler” and “new best friend,” and that was one small window that helped Katie make her escape smoothly.

    I know this is probably beyond your scope Roger, but it would be great if you could uncover the story of the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige, and what state of mind and health she is in. I know it’s a little off the Hollywood beat, but she was the matchmaker in the Cruise wife selection program.

  20. OH MAN Tom Cruise career is so over

    I did see last Mission impossible it is good now Tom Cruise is coming off like that character that South Park episode Trapped in the closet ROFL

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