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Congratulations to Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds. They got married twice this summer. This is what happened: they married on June 9th, quickly, because Michelle had gotten ill on May 13th with desmoid tumors. It was scary. The women didn’t tell anyone. They’d planned to get married anyway, but with the illness, it was necessary.

The plan was to get married officially and publicly next June 9th–and everyone was told that in the month. But then today Rosie tweeted that the couple had officially re-hitched 10 days ago. Michelle, thankfully, was doing better. Then Rosie had a heart attack. There is no one with a bigger heart, more charitable financially, or more generous. So it’s good to know that her heart has been repaired in every way and that she’s now eating a plant diet, she tells me. No ice cream. “I want to live!” she emailed me.

Now Rosie and Michelle are pitching for the Desmoid Tumor Foundation. On rosie.com and on ebay, Rosie is selling the original paintings she’s been making all summer. I’ve been coveting some of these works, so when I get back to New York after Labor Day, I’ll be going right on ebay to get one!

So congrats to Rosie and Michelle. Here’s to the rest of the year being healthy and boring.

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  1. I hope they both recover well. Your headline is crazy though. You can’t get married twice like that, but I guess since they are faking marriage any way, what does it matter. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    You can call a duck a fire hydrant, but it won’t magically start putting out fires. No matter how you try to redefine terms, the reality is that marriage is the merger of the sexes into a family. Gays and Lesbians are welcome to form domestic partnerships to streamline the bureaucracy of sharing a life together. Marriage however is a unique institution in human history that has shaped civilization before written history. It is the crucible of civilizing behavior where a man and a woman gift the totality of humanity to the next generation. No one has the right to hijack it to make themselves feel better. No one has the right to get the benefits of marriage without the responsibilities of it to gift the next generation the best chance it has with the strengths brought by a father and mother in the home.

    That is my view and it is at least as valid as theirs. Mine has 100k years of human experience behind it.

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