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The anti-Obama documentary “2016: Obama’s America” is playing big big big in “red” states–isn’t it funny that conservative, right wing states are described the same way as “red” Communists? Anyway, “2016” may have finished at number 3 last night.

The distributor is following the pattern of Christian releases like “The Passion of the Christ” with heavy concentration in the Bible belt, the South, and swing states. They’ve put it in 120 theaters in Texas, and dozens and dozens in places like North and South Carolina. They’ve made a point of saturating Charlotte, North Carolina, to embarrass President Obama during the convention.

Maybe all the people who see it don’t realize that Dinesh D’Souza, the guy who made it, went to Africa and paid Obama’s half brother a presidential sum to be used as a pawn in the election. Oh well. “2016” is playing only in two Manhattan theatres, one in Los Angeles, and just a couple each in places where no one will be influenced by its slanted, and underhanded, editorializing.

PS Deadline.com, using much too early numbers and no facts, headlined “2016” yesterday afternoon as the number 1 movie of the night. Later, they reported it at number 3 without every correcting themselves. Every weekend their numbers are wrong compared to the final numbers. It’s like air pollution on the internet.

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  1. I wish President Obama or one of his producer friends would make a movie based on his autobiog to counter this nonsense that these right-wing nuts are spewing.
    Better yet, everybody buy a copy of his book and send it to Romney, et al. I do not believe any of them read his book, it was a best seller.
    I saw a clip where the producer/interviewer is interviewing O’s brother and the brother is reluctant to talk. They must have given him an “honorarium” for appearing in the film, but the brother never says anything against Mr. O. The brother only met Mr. O one time, so what the F? would he know about the President?

  2. Saw the movie last week.
    Content is good and substantiated, production is slow and boring.
    overall it is a must see not so much for the entertainment potential as it is for a the educational potential about Obama’s background and formative years.

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