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“Goats” opened on August 10th. If you didn’t see it, it’s too late. Starting with a zero on Rottentomatoes,com, and working itself up to a 20, “Goats”–which starred David Duchovny and Vera Farmiga–is gone. It’s playing in two theaters, each out in the desert. There are 25 producer credits on “Goats,” released by ImageEntertainment (not Brian Grazer’s Imagine.) The movie had a $3 million budget. So far, there’s not been one box report on it. It’s as if the August 10th dates just didn’t happen. Even the suckiest films eventually report in some numbers. None for “Goats,” however. A mystery. Image is a video company, so I imagine we’ll be seeing “Goats” on DVD shortly. Duchovny, meamtime, really needs an ” X Files” movie. And he always has “Californication” on Showtime.

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