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Big news tonight. Apple won a $1 billion judgment against Samsung over infringement of its patents and design for the iPhone and tablet. But it’s not like Apple hasn’t been in the exact same position. In May 2006 they were sued by Singapore based Creative Labs, the company that actually invented the MP3 player and user interface. Creative applied for the patent in 2001 and won it in 2005, then turned around and sued Apple for stealing their ideas. Apple had to pay Creative $100 million in a settlement. Of course, Creative–which still makes MP3 players with far better sound than Apple–drifted away after that. A company with huge potential, especially when it came to putting superior sound in small devices, they never regained their footing. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be forgotten as the i-Fans pop Champagne corks that while Samsung may have copied their designs, Apple copied Creative’s schematics that make an iPod work in the first place.

Creative.com, by the way, still sells the company’s MP3 players, which used to be excellent. But after lawsuit and settlement, Creative went into the licensing business, and licensed Apple their patent. They were never the same again.




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  1. Well the mighty Apple wins. Wow. I am so *yawn* happy for them. Not! Meet Apple the new greedy pig on the block. The great Stev e Jobs would be gloating since “his” innovations should be protected. Wrong again! Apple used to be innovated and moving but now they want your money for buying their products and from developers to make software for their product ans now for anyone thinking about making products that compete with theirs. I thpught that the free market welcomed competition and strived at making better products when someone does the same. Apple has fallen feom where they came from. Rhe front of innovation to we must crush anyone who might compete. So I say goodbye Apple Mac OS X because you stole your OS from Linux/Unix and put your old NEXT platform UI which you stole from Dartmouth X Windows and just re-skinned the controls to look like Tylonol Gell Caps. You greedy pirates! Choke on your win and may another David company hit you between the eyes and cut off your head with your own iPhone!

  2. {edited}

    In a news “report” about about Apple winning a huge lawsuit against Samsung in 2012, you devote 12 out of the 14 lines ranting about a “Creative vs Apple” lawsuit which happened over 5 years ago, and ended once and for all with a settlement.
    A settlement so good, actually, that a hugely irrelevant Creative managed to stay alive by turning into a licensing business.

  3. Nope they did not invent the mp3 player although they may have registered the patent first.
    It was actually a korean company that invented the MP3 player.

    Check Wikipedia for a quick reference.

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