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Madonna has held out an olive branch to Elton John. She dedicated her song “Masterpiece” to him in Nice, France. She said, “I’m a big fan of his, he’s a fan of mine. I forgive him. You know what? You gotta start somewhere.”

Ok, Madonna, it’s a classy moment. Here’s the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE3EcFDCEek Madonna tried to give it a little zetz by singing “Masterpiece,” the song that she won the Golden Globe with over Elton’s “Gnomeo and Juliet.” But I think she meant it.

Earlier: Madonna is getting ready to hit America with her Girls Gone Wild tour. She’s raised a ruckus in every city so far throughout Europe to the point where there were warnings in St. Petersburg about the audience’s safety. Toward the end of the first leg, Madonna finally stopped showing a Nazi swastika on her forehead during a video. There’s no definitive word, but it’s unlikely she’ll be showing the swastika at Yankee Stadium on September 6th and 8th. Even for Madonna, that would beyond permissible.

Meantime, there are seats galore on Stubhub.com for Madonna’s US shows. There are over 9,000 seats at the two Yankee Stadium nights, currently being touted. But every American show is the subject of massive re-selling. There are 1,700 seats for sale both nights at the Staples Center, and the sole night at Madison Square garden has a big chunk in flux.Live Nation doesn’t care. Even if scalpers bought big numbers of seats, they bought ’em. Live Nation has made its money. It does mean you can buy a seat to see Madonna anywhere in the US for about $55 day of show. Bring your spyglass!

Still, the European tour was a big success saleswise. Live Nation says Girls Gone Wild could be its biggest tour of 2012.

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  1. To all the twits saying Madonna’s not a hottie: what’s your point? Elton isn’t a hottie either. And it’s been way longer since he’s had a hit. He should have kept his opinion to himself instead of being an ass and behaving as though his antics in huge sunglasses and feathers back in the day were somehow less ridiculous than those of Madonna.

    They both did good music in their day. They’re both over the hill but still rockin’. She may have better manners than he does though.

  2. I have never heard classy and Madonna mentioned in the same sentence before. Elton John doesn’t need her forgiveness. She is an embarrassment….

  3. Um… who even CARES about Modonna anymore? She was a has-been like 20 years ago! lol She dresses likes shes in her 20s and nobody has had the courage to tell her shes in her 50s. C’mon Showbiz! Cut the puff-piece journalism and do some serious, well, journalism. Her over-the-top pop is old news..and if her politics had been any different, there would be all the usual crowds (NAACP, SPLC, etc.) protesting her swastika nonsense. But, since shes SO pc, she gets away with the silliness that most wouldn’t. Its time she be held to a higher/better standard. Better yet…its time we as a society just ignore her.

  4. There isn’t a spyglass powerful enough for me to get a glimpse of Madonna. I will be as far away from her and her event as human and spiritually possible. I would not waste my time.

  5. Wow – I am a fan of his – woudl have been enough but Miss insecurity has to go on to tell the audience he is a big fan of mine…..maybe so but let him say it – she is a self obsessed narcasict who cant stand the idea that someone like Elton John may not like her. Makes me puke.

  6. Madonna is a washed-up, depraved old has-been. Who cares who she “forgives” and who she doesn’t “forgive”? Elton John has more class in his little finger than Madonna could ever hope to have

  7. We should lock her in a small room with Barry the Clown. The physical reaction of their galactic-sized egos being forced so tightly together may well create that elusive cold fusion unlimited, clean (well…) free energy source we’ve been trying to harness.

  8. The “Forgiveness Attack” is now well know after the establishment of the international forgiveness movement a few years ago.

    In this technique the attacker first selects a target, let’s say industrial corporations.

    Next, the attacker hires a publicity team and publishes the fact that they “Forgive the industrial corporations for poisoning the earth etc.”

    In this way the attacker gets to make their attack AND seem like a nice guy.

    Madonna is just copying this attack technique which has been going on for awhile.

  9. If she stopped lip sync’n and stopped pretending she is a 20 something hottie at age 54 (and not aging well), then these kinds of apologies wouldn’t be necessary.

  10. She’s presumptuous to think she’s the one positioned to offer forgiveness, or that he’s even looking for absolution from her.

    Sounds more like she was just pushing his buttons and being a smart a** by playing the wronged party.

  11. Elton John never asked your for your forgiveness. He doesn’t need your forgiveness. [I’ve edited out the rest of this– Roger–thanks to a read for pointing it out.]

  12. She never said “I’m a big fan of his” – in the video (referring to her own song), she says: “I know he’s a big fan of it… and I know he’s a big fan of mine…”

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