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Maybe Taylor Swift, 22, is just as immature as her high school boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, 18. The Boston Herald reports that Conor’s aunt, Vicki Kennedy, asked him not to bring the country singer to a family wedding in Boston this past weekend. They ignored this, and went anyway. Vicki Kennedy wasn’t happy. Conor, by the way, is starting his JUNIOR year of high school next week, not senior. Apparently, he’s two years behind in school. He lost his mother four months ago. Is there any parenting going on here? Or is this just a free-for-all? Vicki Kennedy at least took a stand. http://bostonherald.com/track/inside_track/view/20220822inside_track_headline/srvc=home&position=6

PS The house in the Kennedy compound was not sold to Swift, after all, but to a Wall Street guy. http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/08/15/taylor-swift-and-the-kennedys-a-weird-yet-plausible-explanation

Taylor has the biggest selling downloaded single for a female singer this week, the second biggest ever for anyone of any sex. The actual biggest selling single of all time, is “White Christmas,” by Bing Crosby.It’s sold 50 million copies since 1942.

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  1. The immature person is Vicki Gifford who has shown she has as much class and discretion as her step-mother K.L.Gifford.
    If Conor neglected to send in his rsvp couldn’t she should have cut him slack not only because he is a teenager but he is still grieving the tragic loss of his mother. He is also being hounded by paparazzi and dissected in gossip reports. What is the crime in wanting to share in the family celebration of his cousin’s wedding and also bring along his girlfriend? There were other well-known people in attendance so Taylor wasn’t going to steal her daughter’s spotlight.
    For Vicki Gifford to treat a member of her own family so shabbily in public at the reception and then afterword in the press is disgraceful. She should have been compassionate and welcoming to him not filled with animosity and revenge.
    The saddest fact of the matter is that Vicki Gifford has tarnished her own daughter’s wedding with her embarrassing, rude and classless behavior.

  2. Why all the hate for Taylor Swift.? I realize she’s not your beloved Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson, but c’mon. She actually writes her own music and plays an instrument(s). A dalliance with a Kennedy (the closest thing we have to royalty in the good ‘ole USA – the Kennedy family). Who could blame her? The “romance” will run it’s course and they’ll be on to something else.

  3. Taylor, like Michael Jackson & other young entertainers, skipped a normal childhood in order to seek success, and now is trying to recapture it through dating a teenager. Gee Whiz, Taylor! Can’t wait to hear her teen-age dream song about Conor when he dumps her.

  4. You are still just a nasty hatefuul person, Ethyl and the rest of the family sure had no problem with Taylor when she spent the next day with the Kennedys going to church and visiting Marys grave. Vicky is jealous of Taylors close friendship with her mother inlaw Ethyl and will do any thing to make her look bad. Do you ever print a comment that does not agree with your nasty opinionyou can dish it out but you can’t take it.

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