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Michael Strahan was on our short list at number 2 back on July 4th. Two hours ago I said he was still in the running and had sold his house in LA. Now Broadcasting and Cable is reporting that Strahan is the choice. The audience loves him, Kelly gets along with him like crazy. He’s a bold choice for ABC Disney. I think he’ll be great. How he’ll do Monday morning shows in New York after Sunday afternoon football for Fox in LA. But it should work. “Live with Kelly and Michael” sounds good too. Congrats!



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  1. Roger, face it. You missed the ball on this story and now you’re trying to backtrack to make it seems as if you had the inside track.

    You didn’t. Stop trying to fake it.

  2. Roger,
    You missed this to the point I would almost think there was a deal to promote Seth Myers. Michael has been extraordinary in his co-host duties, beyond funny to the point of hot, hOT, HOT! And, very current!

  3. Michael Strhan has been number 1 forever. I live in north eastern Canada and there has never been a close contender and your suppoet of Seth Myers has been bewildering, to the point I wondered if there is some professional/financial reason for the promotion of this candidate. No contest. EVAH.

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