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I’d love to be a fly on the wall this morning at Barry Diller’s IAC Corporation. Diller has sunk millions and millions into the Daily Beast and Newsweek. He’s also recently given — with wife Diane von Furstenberg–over $70,000 to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, not to mention thousands more to other Democratic candidates and committees.

But this morning the Dillers will be fielding calls from friends asking why Tina Brown has put a story on the cover of Newsweek called “Hit the Road Barack.” She’s given British conservative Niall Ferguson free rein to denounce Obama and declare his presidency over.

The piece is cited as absurd in many other publications such as Slate http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2012/08/19/niall_ferguson_s_absurd_critique_of_obama_in_one_chart.html

But Brown –who was once described her husband, Harry Evans, on “60 Minutes,” as having “rat like cunning”–is not concerned about the actual election or Obama. It’s all about her own survival. Newsweek is essentially dead since the Harman family announced they were getting out of their partnership with Diller. Then Diller said Newsweek would likely cease print publication. Brown, desperate, has simply gone to her action of last resort–zig right, and pick up the Rush Limbaugh right wingers.

It’s her last ditch effort to find someone who will read Newsweek. Clearly liberals were not. While Time magazine is booming, Newsweek languishes. The Daily Beast is second to The Huffington Post. What to do? With the Ferguson cover story, Brown throws herself on the mercy of the Empire. She polishes Darth Vader’s helmet. It’s just like when Flash Gordon would find his girlfriend hanging around with Ming the Merciless.

Let’s not forget: only a couple of weeks ago, Brown was called Romney a “wimp” on Newsweek’s cover. I guess that didn’t sell. And let’s not forget January’s “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb” cover.

Better yet: the discussion at home this morning. Brown now joins Rupert Murdoch politically. Murdoch is the former employer of Evans, who has a low regard for the News Corp publishing titan. I can’t see Harry Evans backing Mitt Romney. But then again, even he knows it’s not about that this morning. The Beast must be fed.

But the question is, will Romney-Ryan supporters believe Newsweek really endorses “Why Obama Must Go”? Will they suddenly start buying this altogether moribund magazine? And will this be the beginning of a weekly turn to the right for Brown if it works? How long before Clint Eastwood is on the cover? The Daily Beast will have a lot of access in Tampa, that’s for sure.

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  1. No amount of clever wordsmithing can hide the fundamentally confused, self-cotradictory and intellectually flawed thinking of Niall Ferguson. How has he climbed so high in the American academic and now commenting world? Is it the name, bowing to the accent, or that gibberish is hard to analyze? Or just that pushy people can push their way in, like the Salahis, and that no one is checking the guest list?

  2. On the other hand this is the first issue of Newsweek I have felt inspired to go out and buy in a while so I guess it worked. Now if Ms. Brown hadn’t felt compelled to go on Huffington Post and other liberal sites and “throw the author under the bus” disavowing her own cover story it might have seemed more genuine.

  3. You liberals are a bunch of kooks. She can speak – provided she agrees with you. So much for liberals being the people who tolerate a difference in opinion. Congratulations, you all just exposed yourself for being a bunch of hypocrites.

  4. Good riddance to a once proud now vacuous publication. Ms. Brown stopped reporting facts long ago and started hurling crap that would embarrass the National Enquirer. Okay, I should not cast aspersions on the National Enquirer which, let’s not forget, reported on then Democratic Golden Boy John Edwards when none of the “news” agencies would touch the story.
    Even her right turn this week is essentially an opinion piece, albeit one with which I agree. Why not try real news. I still have the Newsweek from the 80’s with the first Aids cover. That was news and I would guess that issue sold a lot of copies.
    In sports, losing teams do not sell a lot of programs. Tina Brown turned Newsweek from an organ of legitimate journalism to the team program of the Obama administration. The season may be over soon, and nobody wants to read about last years team.

  5. Roger, take a chill pill. Yes, you are a lefty Democrat and want all mainstream media, of which the formerly great Newsweek is a proud member, to pummel Republicans and lick Obama’s shoes and never utter a single critical word about your Dear Leader. Well now, what happened? Are people starting to notice that Obama is an abject failure as president? Ferguson’s analysis is right on, despite all the lefty blogs going nuts over this “betrayal.” Tina Brown should be applauded for telling the American people the truth about Obama’s dismal record on non-accomplishment.

  6. So let’s see here, as you pointed out she ran stories that were favorable to Obama/Democrats. Now she runs another story that is not. Seems to me she is trying to show both sides to the issue. And that is wrong why??

  7. The title fits perfectly. Tina Brown is a ” Daily Beast.” She gives women a bad name. Everytime I see her on tv, she is always mean, hateful , and disgusting. The poor lady hates herself, and she hates people. Karma is a , you know what. It couldn’t happen to a better person.

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