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Janet Jackson has a beef with TMZ. Her statement runs below. I told you yesterday that Janet didn’t like TMZ implying that her mother was going to pay off her mortgage with Michael Jackson’s money. TMZ has since recanted. That’s great but it doesn’t explain Janet’s actions and the last line of her statement. She’s still checking “the veracity of the will.”

What the heck is going on here? The will was probated three years ago. Now Janet says it’s not right. Even if she managed to get rid of the executors and overturn the whole cart, who would benefit? Is she trying to take the money from Michael’s kids? It’s not like strangers inherited Michael’s estate–unless Janet considers Prince, Paris, and Blanket strangers. Maybe she does.

Certainly, neither Janet nor Randy nor Rebbie is acting like those kids mean anything. In cartoon vernacular they eye them each like porkchops or Thanksgiving turkey on a plate–with dollar signs for giblets. What happened to Janet Jackson’s millions and millions of dollars in earnings? Something is fishy here.

This is funny: Here’s a statement from Janet’s publicist with a quote from her lawyer. The publicist wants to point out that Janet has not made her own statement. These people are a stitch.

Anyway: “In this day and age when fact-checking false allegations has become a singularly important element of the news-flow, I think you may find the following development newsworthy. TMZ earlier this week (shortly after having had to retract another false allegation about Janet Jackson) issued a story stating that the estate of Michael Jackson has initiated court action to participate in paying off the mortgage of a condo which the TMZ story claims Janet Jackson owns in Las Vegas. The attached letter to TMZ from Blair Brown, Janet’s lawyer in this matter, reveals that Janet owns a home, not a condo, in Las Vegas, which she bought for her mother ten years ago, a home which has never had a mortgage. It is important to note that this is a home in which Janet has never spent a night and has only visited once. I believe you will find this demand for correction of news interest. All of these stories remain a distraction from the central issue: The veracity of the will and the safety of the Jackson family”

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  1. Roger Friedman, you’re such a dumbass. LEGALLY, Janet’s lawyer mentioned that Michael’s kids are the beneficiaries and would get everything anyway. You clearly left that part out of this stupid ass “article”.

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