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Exclusive: it’s all coming soon, and details are still sketchy. But I’m told that Whitney Houston will be getting big tributes this Christmas from the publishing world and on TV. In books, expect a big coffee table photo book of all tbe best pictures in the world of Houston from Atria/Simon & Schuster. I’m told that Whitney’s aide de camp for almost 25 years, the lovely and smart Lynn Volkmann, was asked to edit the pictures for the estate. With Lynn, we can expect something classy and appropriate.

Also in the works right now: a CBS TV special about Whitney. Still being planned, but I’m told it’s Whitney in her own words, with great videos, and plenty of unseen stuff. CBS is working with Arista Records, and the special should air in early December. Expect some kind of gift CD to go along with hit for the holidays, too. And, no there will be no embarrassing moments in the TV show, just the great material Whitney left behind. That’s as it should be.

On another Houston matter: I’m told by those who’ve been there recently that Whitney’s grave looks terrible, and is exposed and not very private. It’s hard for me to believe that the Houstons have not interred Whitney in a safe place, a guarded mausoleum, or something that befits her stature and is guarded. If I’m getting reports like from total strangers, then you know something has to be done.

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