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UPDATE As I predicted, “Not Fade Away” chosen for NYFF.
Earlier: A little lost in the pre-Oscar buzz but back now: “Not Fade Away,” David Chase’s musical film from Paramount. I’m told there will be an announcement on Thursday of a release date–late October, early November. Also, there’s buzz that “Not Fade Away” will make the New York Film Festival. It will miss Toronto, however. “Not Fade Away” stars James Gandolfini, famously and memorably from Chase’s “Sopranos” as well as Brad Garrett and Jack Huston (the up and coming actor nephew of Angelica and Danny Huston). Steve van Zandt, also of “Sopranos” fame and the E Street Band, produced the soundtrack, which features songs by the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and other 60s classics. In the movie, set in the 60s,  Huston and his pals have a rock band that covers British Invasion music. van Zandt also wrote and produced a new track for the fictional band. For some reason, I’m very enthused about this film. It sounds like Chase’s “Almost Famous.” It’s also his feature film directing debut.

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