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Julia Fordham has a loyal following, but you may not know about her. Her voice is gorgeous, maybe the best in pop music right now. Of course, she’s not 19. Today is her birthday, and Fordham, who’s British but lives in Santa Monica, will play a special show tonight at Molly Malone’s on South Fairfax Blvd. in Los Angeles. I wish I could be there. Actor-musician Paul Reiser, who collaborates with her, will be among her special guests along with Celia Chavez. Julia’s first hit was in the late 1980s with “Happy Ever After.” She’s made many stunning albums since then including “Concrete Love” and “East West.” Just listen to her “Stay” or “Manhattan Skyline,” or “Porcelain.” It’s kind of criminal that she’s not recording for a big label. (Hello Verve? Blue Note? Decca?) Maybe if Julia covers “Call Me Maybe,” things will change. In the meantime, here’s a great great singer at the peak of her career. Happy Birthday, Julia. Today all of the videos at the bottom of our home page are yours.

Julia Fordham and Paul Reiser: “Stay”


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