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I don’t know how she does it: it was only six years ago that Oprah Winfrey was touting new age nut Eckhart Tolle as the all time genius of the world. He was her spiritual mentor. Winfrey actually ran podcasts and internet classes with the guy who has since quietly vanished from the spotlight. Now, maybe because she’s in her own personal crisis with her OWN network, Oprah is pushing a new guru. (She still hawks Marianne Williamson.) This guy is named Michael Singer, author of a book called “The Untethered Soul.”

But Michael Singer is indeed better known in his hometown of Alachua, Florida as Mickey Singer. And in 2005 he was indicted in a massive government fraud case against his company Medical Manager Health Systems, which was an offshoot of WebMD. http://www.gainesville.com/article/20051216/LOCAL/212160339 Singer was accused with nine others of inflating Medical Manager Health Systems profits, and of conspiring to launder money.

Two years after the indictment, Singer donated $100,000 of new computer software to the Alachua Police Department. By the time the case was over in 2010, Singer settled with the government by paying a $2.5 million settlement. The government dropped all charges. Singer acknowledged that the accounting practices of his company were illegal but–according to the agreement hammered out between his powerful Washington DC lawyers from Baker Botts and local Florida prosecutors–didn’t know it was taking place at the time. http://tinyurl.com/c9u3y4m

Later, the people actually convicted by the government had their verdicts overturned based on a lapsed statute of limitations. http://www.gainesville.com/article/20100303/articles/3031013

Now Singer will appear on Oprah’s Sunday Soul show this weekend on OWN. After his long adventure with the government, Singer–who was an early software multi-millionaire in the medical systems field–became a guru. He started something called the Temple of the Universe outside of Gainesville, Florida. He has lots of followers, but I’m not sure you could call it an actual cult. Temple of the Universe is registered with the IRS as a religion and has non profit tax status. But they’ve filed no public papers about their finances. They don’t even come up on Charity Navigator. But Singer is selling books and CDs and conducting new age classes and lectures.

Odds are Oprah will not be asking him about all this other stuff on Sunday’s show.

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  1. Roger Freidman—- ” Roger Friedman began his Showbiz411 column in April 2009 after 10 years with Fox News” Then years with Fox News that is all we need to know to understand the uninformed bias of this article..

  2. Before you start reading the book, give some thought to this factoid. I used to go out to the “temple”, which was Mickey Singer’s house. His “followers” built everything out there, so he doesn’t have to hire builders. His “devouts” give money to him to run the business and he pays no taxes. Now, I had a friend whom he fancied at one time and she was asked to be his “wife”, but she would have been #5, so she decided against that. I don’t know if he is still able to maintain multiple wives in his 60’s or not, but when he was young, he made up the rules to his advantage. If you think embezzling and polygamy are great traits, then listen to the nonsense, otherwise, consider spending time with someone more honest and moral in your spiritual pursuits.

  3. The Untethered Soul is one of the most insightful and profound works of literacy I’ve ever read. Partly, because it’s sourced from many old spiritual teaching which can sometimes be a bit hard to interpret. Everyone should read it, as well as Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”.

  4. Yes, your comments show a lack of ‘everything’. Mickey is amazing and one of the most conscious people on the planet. If you read his book you would know that. Also, Tolle is very much alive and ‘everywhere’ – you need to get more involved in the new consciousness movement.

  5. Wow Maverick, I have rarely read such an unkind, judgmental response to anything as this of yours. I admire your passion. I think that fundamentalist righteousness has been responsible for most of the deaths and murders in the world, not new age positivity which obviously has a shadow side too. Fundamentalists always call anything they don’t understand “Satanism”. In the words of Billy Shakespeare…”me think the lady doth protest too much”…….

  6. “If it makes you happy believe it, if you love it live it, embrace it and then let it pass you by…And, what would Michael say? ;) Peace, love and light”

    Basically you are echopraxia-paraphrasing to the t what Alester Crowley wrote “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, the prime law and practically only law of satanism, echoing in perfect discord the “nothing is true, everything is permitted.” philosophy of demons throughout the ages.

    Peace, always peace, the mantra of the sheep and cowards who love pretty lies rather than truth which would require, God forbid, personal accountability to stand and be counted.

    “They’re decent, hard-working honest people who just happen to be wildly financially successful.”

    “I’ve visited the temple and found it quite unique. It allows guests to pray to whatever “God” they choose, and Mickey shares wisdom on being a good person and living each day to the fullest. I am fairly hardcore on rules and righteousness. The Singer family is as good as it gets. Oprah was lucky he agreed to sit down with her. Mickey also places little value on fame or a presence in the media.”

    Yes, to whatever God, exactly.
    Satanists is what they are.
    And you, you’re a proud member of the stupid family, walking and unfortunately talking evidence of why demoncrazy can never work for the stupid sheeple but works brilliantly for the 1%. You are the reason 2 million innocent people died in Iraq, countless in Palestine, and countless more in ‘the land of the free’ which also has the largest prison population on earth, yes, you, YOU are personally responsible for what happened to Jonathon Foster, Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome and countless others, with your fluffy warm and fuzzy glossolalia feel-good fluffer philosophy and “support the dupes who murder and die as cannon fodder for banksters and israel” glittered horseshit.

    Let me guess, because you’re not lard-on-legs you naturally feel that you’re an expert in your own right on every subject beneath the sun, right. You don’t know a damn thing about righteousness, which requires the slaying of the wicked and establishment of order. There is no righteousness without also acknowledging that there is equally a diametrically juxtaposed evil. Love and peace are just buzz words for queers and faggots without acknowledging their opposites. To say your are righteous and in the same breath proudly tolerate unrighteousness is not hypocrisy but a declaration of idiocy.

    And as for that simpleton and devotee of the boob-tube who commented on the ‘superbowl’, anyone who watches the superbowl ought to be gagged from speaking in public, period fullstop.

    Untethered Soul… more like “I’m stoopid and I’m luvinit, yeah!”

    Keep marching and braying, masochistic lemmings, I hope they luv-u-long-time when you eventually get culturally enriched! It will happen, because idiots like you have ensured the fall of Rome and the triumph of evil with your willful and active ignorance.

  7. This vessel, yes the one typing is pleasured to know that there is some fundamental truth in what Singer speaks about in the book he wrote. If you have been pleasured by the read, you know what this vessel is saying… As this vessel (the consciousness of myself) continues to practice moving away from “psyche uncomfortables,” embracing what is happening to this vessel, at any given moment, there is great comfort in “knowing,” the glimpses of ecstasy, extreme immeasurable gentleness, with the ability to fly; the vessel is enjoying her practice…If it feels good write it…If it makes you happy believe it, if you love it live it, embrace it and then let it pass you by…And, what would Michael say? ;) Peace, love and light

  8. Very happy to hear Oprah and Mickey are connecting. I suggest everyone read the book and stop by the temple to hear a lecture if ever in Florida. I was very pleased when I got opportunity to visit ehile in Florida visiting friends. Gorgeous area, and really great energy!

  9. Everyone has made mistakes or maybe not the people who are so judgmental…whether he did or didn’t anyone can change even if you’re judgmental you can change that if you want..we can strive for perfection, no-ones perfect

  10. I suggest you read his book before condemning him. As most have written here, there is no ego, no attachment of any kind to money or any other trappings. His is an example that is worth following. The world would indeed be a far better place if we did.

  11. Wonderful news that Oprah is promoting Michael’s work. Good news for many people coming up! Well done Michael. Well done Oprah. Thanks Roger for bring this to our attention.

    Jeremiah Josey

  12. I just finished “the untethered soul” and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is truly a book that everyone would benefit from. Full of sound advice that resonates with my soul.

  13. I have just finished mickey’s book, “the untethered soul” and found it to be profound. everyone should read it. as for eckhart tolle being a “nut” that has dropped out of sight, you’re definitely not up to date. why not read “a new earth” and see what you think before dissing this man? karen

  14. I have known Mickey for over forty years. He has been a one-pointed lover of God, and everything he expresses in his books, he lives in his everyday life. He does not hide his business history, but I can predict, that he views it all as God’s will. Success, riches or in leaner times, he is exactly the same beautiful soul who inspires others. and always has.

    The writer can make fun of Oprah, but she happens to be lucky to come across Mickey’s writings, because this can and will make an important difference to her internal happiness, and those of your readers. Oprah is a giving person and deserves the best. It matters little if you make fun of Oprah or Mickey Singer. What is meant to be, will be, and you are just playing your role in that fact. You might even want to pick up a copy of Untethered Soul and see what you think. I highly recommend you do that Roger, as I think you might be amazed. Sending all my best,


  15. I know Mickey Singer and, well, you’d just have to know him to understand that the charges against him, were bogus. Can’t say this is true for the rest of those indicted for the fraud as I don’t know them. What Fitz says above is entirely true: very humble, honest, hardworking folks who – I would say, appreciate quality in life and spirit, but who care little for the trappings of wealth & fame. As far as I can tell, most of their personal fortune has gone into providing a very un-ostentatious, rustic spiritual retreat for family and friends without asking for support from attendees (a very tiny donation box that holds a few coins sits at the feet of one of the small meditation hall’s icons) Perhaps you should wait to criticize until after you have met and known them for awhile. This is not the same kind of situation as one often reads about regarding other billionaire American religious preachers & teachers who end-up in jail for years at a time for misusing collected funds.

  16. You know, it really annoys me when you people imply her motives are about rating or selfish gain. Her role in this world is to give, life gives to the giver and takes from the taker. She will never be without because she is such a giver. I am watching the Super Soul Sunday episode of The Untethered Soul, I found it to be very valuable. You should probably check it out

  17. Mickey is a great man who lives a life with very little value on the almighty dollar. He and is wife are generous people who live modestly, donate tremendously and place little to no value on logos, flashy clothes or other. They’re decent, hard-working honest people who just happen to be wildly financially successful. It makes me laugh that anyone would suggest Mickey was involved with cooking books, because he barely uses the money he has.

    I’ve visited the temple and found it quite unique. It allows guests to pray to whatever “God” they choose, and Mickey shares wisdom on being a good person and living each day to the fullest. I am fairly hardcore on rules and righteousness. The Singer family is as good as it gets. Oprah was lucky he agreed to sit down with her. Mickey also places little value on fame or a presence in the media.

  18. It truly just boils down to people with exorbitant amounts of money….having problems then finding another way to have the “lemmings” flock and follow. Isnt it blatantly obvious..given Singer’s history with business and oprah’s incessant exchange of loyalties….that they and others alike…may very well be the lost souls??? Huge ego’s prevail here and nothing more. They are multi billionares/millionares….who live in an entirely different universe than most of the masses. Yes…one hand washes another…doesnt it?? Its all so funny and yet sad.

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