Home Celebrity “Dark Knight Rises” Will Hit $300 Mil Tonight in the U.S.

Is “The Dark Knight Rises” a monster hit? It will cross the $300 million mark tonight after 11 days in release. That sounds  like a hit, and it is one. But it’s still running almost $25 million behind “The Dark Knight,” which had $324 mil and change in its pockets by its 11th day. The only reason for this is Aurora, I think, because otherwise this was the most anticipated movie of the year. That–and the Olympics, which are keeping people at home to see events that happened earlier in the day. If the Olympics could be seen in real time, during the day, then people could go out at night to the movies. Of course, no work would get done. And ad rates are higher on TV at night than during the day. Anyway, “TDKR” remains at number 1, and nothing is going to shake it off that position in the near future. Even I’m getting ready to go back and see it again.

This week we get “Total Recall,” a very good comedy called “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” and a not very good something that’s been around for a while called “360” that never coheres into anything. “TDKR” is safe at number 1.


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