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Madonna is coming to Yankee Stadium on September 6th and 8th. The first show is sold out, technically. The second one is not. Madonna’s had a lot of PR trouble recently in France but at least she’s still selling tickets in Europe. She recently cancelled her entire Australian tour–which was supposed to be her first in 20 years. But the prices were too high, and the advance interest wasn’t there. Madonna could not sell $700 premium packages  to the Aussies.

Last week, Madonna caused a riot in Paris when she showed the Nazi symbol of a swastika on a video screen. The swastika has been criticized since it first turned up on her tour. She seems to have no idea how offensive it is, just as she ignored the Nazi passions of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in her movie,. “W.E.” She didn’t care that she was inviting trouble in France last week when she put the Nazi symbol on screen to provoke followers of Marine Le Pen, head of the National Front. Madonna was looking for attention and she got it in the form of a riot from Le Pen’s nasty minions.

Now as she plans her return to the U.S. here’s some advice: Madonna, please do not bring your Nazi swastika and guns to the U.S. let alone Yankee Stadium.  They are unwanted. The last thing that will be acceptable here is the Nazi symbol. Or guns. (Please– in the Bronx that’s like bringing coal to Newcastle.)

Madonna disregards history and has little interest in how she offends others. She thinks it’s all about provocative art or something.  The ironic part of this whole swastika business is that Madonna, courtesy of the bogus Kabbalah Center organization, considers herself some kind of faux-Jew. She wears a cross but attends fake High Holy days services. If Kabbalah were real, or Madonna were actually Jewish., she certainly wouldn’t be sporting a swastika on her forehead. As for guns, Madonna has been out of the country this summer.  Maybe she’s missed the big news stories. One of her lackeys can explain the Aurora killings to her. Guns on stage? Not this year, Madonna. They’re completely out of fashion.

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