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Fresh from her success as war correspondent in her own home, 14 year old Paris Jackson–star of the summer, by far–has taken on a new cause. She’s defending Justin Bieber on Twitter from an attack by much older–yes, 26– actor and singer Drake Bell. Who is Drake Bell? For those of us over 21, he’s the biggest Nickelodeon star ever, from their series “Drake and Josh.” (Josh Peck, 25, was the very good star of a movie no one saw but I liked called “The Wackness.”)

Anyway, Drake Bell posted a questionable picture of Bieber tonight, thus inciting little Justin’s fans. Paris, not watching the Olympics (she Tweeted earlier that she didn’t care for them) came quickly to Bieber’s defense. What you might not know is that Bieber lives in the same gated community in Calabasas. Paris doesn’t want her neighbor attacked. (Yes Justin has left Canada for more privileged environs. Thank YouTube for that.)

So now it’s war. Paris having just won a war, is on a roll.

The Bell-Beiber conflict began about a week ago. The Bieb’s fans have been attacking Bell ever since. Bell wrote: “I haven’t listened to much Justin Bieber but his songs must be

full of hate and rage because that’s what his believers are filled with..”

Today he  Tweeted: I don’t “Hate” @justinbieber!! I just think his fans are repulsive. Not a huge fan of that style of music…big deal…I don’t like popradio”

And he put up this picture. Paris didn’t like that. “If u wanna compare the amount of fans or amount of TALENT even between u & Justin you know u would lose right? know ur place” She later added: “just like he stated his opinion , i stated mine …although posting a hate picture isn’t really an opinion but oh well”

Me, I don’t careabout Justin Bieber, I don’t know who Drake Bell is, and I wish Paris would watch the Olympics. But it’s Sunday night, and more importantly, the Yankees are taking it on the chin tonight from the Red Sox.

I’m sure this tempest in a teapot will go on for a while. But here’s my question. If Justin Bieber has so many fans, how come they haven’t bought his album or singles?

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  1. Eww justin bieber talent? Those words dont go together. Sorry but “swaggie” is not a word. Drake has real talent he just didnt get recognized for it. So whoever paris is needs to get over this girl crush on jb.

  2. ohh! paris u r wrong if we count amount of talent or amount of fans so drake will win yeah now a days justin is super star becuz he is new face in 2004 drake was super star and in future a new person will be super star and drake is seniour and elder to bieber and he is also elder to u foolish!

  3. JB actually has a really soulful voice and reminds me a lot of a young MJ.
    The attacks on JB around his sexuality and androgynous appearance also remind me of the hate MJ got back in the day…I’m glad Paris defended him.

  4. Yo “Smart Boy”. Stfu. You say why are they hating on Justin Bieber. Its because they dont like him. Now if you dont like people hatin on Justin Bieber like you said. You should, from a fans point of view, understand that fans of Selena Gomez dont like her being hated on. So if you truly are a belieber, then you will except who he dates and everything. Everybody has a right to opinion. And ypu can hate Selena Gomez all you want, but dont publicly hate. If you do then you cant say “Don’t hate on Justin Bieber”. Okay. Great. And on a side note- I like the old Drake Bell better. And Go Paris Jackson!

  5. i think its cool she came to Justin Biebers defense…people hate on him for no reason. He can sing his ass off and does nothing to anyone and for someone people dont like him. Now his ugly gf i could see why ppl would hate her…shes horrible and just using the kid to get herself fame and publicity bc she has no talent whatsoever. Justin is a great kid and i hope he dumps his ugly gf soon bc he deserves someone so much better. Hes a great guy no one has any legit reason to hate on him bc hes done nothing to anybody…there r horrible ppl out there u can hate once again his ugly gf…
    have a nice day people.

  6. lmao, they have bought his albums and his singles retard. LOL, i have like 4 jb albums. and almost all of his songs on itunes. im a belieber, and fyi beliebers do buy his albums and singles. duhh.

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