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Now that Katherine Jackson is home, will she understand what really happened? That she was lured out of her home for concerts and wound up in a spa, isolated from the world? That because of this she lost custody of her grandchildren, who were frightened? That her grown children are trying to unseat Michael Jackson’s executors in order to get their hands on his money? And that the two usually most vocal Jacksons–La Toya and father Joseph– have been conspicuous in their silence?

Maybe not. Katherine has lived a life in denial. “Ignorance is bliss” has been her motto. Well documented: how Joseph beat and tortured her children over the years. She did nothing to stop it. Michael spoke about it often. It informed his life.

Jermaine, now part of the cabal that brought Katherine away from the grandchildren, wrote this in his autobiography last year: “over time, Randy and Janet got to know what the belt felt like, mainly for disobedience…There is no denying that Michael was terrified of our father.”

But Jermaine also lives in denial. He wrote: “If he [Joseph] had truly abused us, we wouldn’t still be speaking to him…”

Joseph himself told me about his abuse on September 10, 2001. I wrote in my old column, Fox411:

We did not ask Joe Jackson about allegations in the past from his children, specifically LaToya, about abuse in their household when they were growing up. I did ask him though about his parental philosophy. “You have to be strict with kids,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with punishment as long as you know how to punish.”

What would be a typical punishment? “Beat his back,” Joe Jackson replied before I could even get the question out.

If Katherine Jackson let all that go on for more than twenty years, how she will now, at 82, rationalize the behavior of the last ten days?

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  1. Miss katherine does seem a bit slow and very passive. Michael spoke about how easily she is controlled and manipulated by the family to do their bidding. That is why there are executors that will lock the estate down tight to protect the children and KJ. The siblings have always had the delusion that they are entitled to MJ’s success, his lifestyle, his assets and his legacy , even though they themselves did nothing for it. Yes, they were all part of the J-5 and , later, the Jacksons, but MJ was the show and the reason anyone took notice. Bullying is SOP in this family as it is in many families. Let’s hope the kids break the cycle and follow their dad’s wishes for them : to be happy, well educated , well read, loving people who aim to continue healing the world of this kind of ill treatment towards one another.

  2. Sorry but, Katherine Jackson has NEVER BEEN the brightest bulb in the house. She will do what she’s always done — live in denial — just as her children live in the denial and fantasy of being able to unseat MJ’s executors.

    It will never happen — just as this family will never be truly functional. Never.

  3. The judge involved in this matter needs to appoint a permanent guardian to replace Mrs. Jackson. It’s very evident that she’s lost control of things…not to mention her own control. The Jackson children have basically taken over access to Mrs. Jacksons. In a sense, that sounds like elderly abuse. No judge in his/her right mind should return guardianship to the Jackson matriarch. Others seem to be pulling her strings. Per MJ’s will, if Katharine can’t do the job, for whatever reason, Diana Ross comes into play. Miss Ross, it’s time to book a flight to California.

  4. Roger, I agree with some of this. Katherine seems to have a “passive” personality type – something that I feel got Michael in the many circumstances he found himself in during his lifetime. Now, I think this way of thinking developed from multiple things, but I won’t get into that. I don’t know whether or not she’ll understand what happened in the past few days (and as a fan, I don’t even understand half of what’s taken place anyways, so I can’t give a definite opinion).

    Joe Jackson very much has that “old school” mentality. He also is a one-trick pony. Don’t see much compromising when it comes to Papa Joe. I don’t agree with his philosophy of punishment – though some of it was very common (during that era). Sounds very much like a learned behavior that he refused to expire. Not good on any level.Your comment about how “she did nothing to stop it” – I think it’s way more complicated than that though.

    I feel sympathy for Katherine,ultimately. Too much to be dealing with. Way too much chaos.

  5. Pray explain how, by unseating Branca, the siblings would get their hands on Michael’s money? If they manage to dislodge Branca, they can appoint a lawyer of their own choosing, who would still carry out Michael’s will, which does not include a cent for them. If they manage to overturn the will, the court would just use the previous one, which also does not include a cent for them.

  6. yeah i just commented on an article simply by using one word “coup !” that’s what i agree just happened. micheal was beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men, his brothers in this case.. slight hyperbole but not far off the mark..

  7. I read an interesting Tweet from Prince Michael this morning. Do you think this is a legitimate Tweet? I notice he doesn’t tweet much but now put up a screen shot of a text message showing he asked to speak to his grandmother and he was denied access. Just wondering you thoughts on if this is legit.

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