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Prince Michael Jackson, 15, has posted on  Twitter a direct message he sent to family members demanding to speak to his grandmother. Janet Jackson responded to the message: “Don’t let them please.” Prince had texted Rebbie, her son Austin and Janet Jackson: “This is enough. So I am texting you for the simply fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!”http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ihrprh

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  1. As I read the comments here, I can’t help but make the observation that the general public is so ignorant. First of all, the child’s name isn’t blanket. That’s a nickname. Secondly, as someone else said, Janet is very wealthy so she isn’t worried about the estates money. But why do people presume to know what actually happened and what the motives are? Don’t comment unless you know the facts. And since we don’t have the facts, there really shouldn’t be any comments here or elsewhere. It was the same when Michael was alive. The whole molestation thing was a witch hunt and blackmail mission. But yet people called him a pedophile. Honestly, there are days I’m ashamed to share the same soil as the these people

  2. Wow! This family really needs help. It’s bad enough these kids have lost their father. Now the adults who are supposed to love and protect them are fighting and creating more instability for the kids. They can’t even trust their own family to look out for their best interests.

  3. The oldest is 15. Tito and Janet have less than 3 to steal and hide all that money or else they will loose it all to Michael little white concubines.

  4. There’s a reason Michael Jackson did not leave any of his brothers or sisters in charge of his children. Janet’s actions just prove that Michael was right.

  5. Wow. AS if naming the kid blanket isnt bad enough now they get to be the rope ina tug of war. If i were them id cut them all out but katherine and slap janet again. Bet it had been awhile since anyone in the family had a slap.

  6. Janet better cool it making her doing this she going turn off lots of her fans including me I always like Janet seem like she was normal one in that family apparenlty not anymore

  7. All this upset for what???? What is really going on???

    Janet has her money…so money isn’t a motive for her. Is she trying to protect her mother??? Is the strain of caring for 3 of the most famous siblings in America too much for her?

    After reading everything I can find, I would say YES!! I would also say that there seems to be severe resentment about MJ’s children receiving all that moola when other family members have child support, drug habits, and need cash for flash.

    The Big question I am seeing is this: Do some siblings of MJ RESENT MJ’s children??? Is it a combination of money and the fact these siblings are not blood relations??? This is a question that truly needs to be answered. If Race is a factor with MJ’s family members, these children should not be exposed to this discriminating situation any longer.
    If these are factors along with Katherine Jackson’s health, wouldnt the next likely candidate to care for these children be…maybe…Deborah Rowe or Court appointed Guardians??

    Just presenting my Opinion gathered from what I have read…I am truly concerned for these children, they are consistently in the spotlight and seem to have no chance at an even semi-childhood. I do pity these children for the lives they are forced to lead…security forces..paparazzi.. feuding, money grubbing uncles….never really knowing who they can really trust. No real childhood as MJ had pictured for them. Having to endure a life of arguing, threats, and putdowns can be very mindbending…and not in a good way.

    So I say to the Jackson Family “Let these children live the lives of children, let your dreams of riches go, enjoy your niece and nephews. If you cannot do this, please let these children live with someone who can truly care for them and to give them the life MJ are envisioned for them.”

    And by the way MJ would NOT approved of Paris’ acting. MJ wanted one thing for his children above all else…for them to be allowed to be a child. What were you all thinking about….MONEY???? How sad.

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