Home Celebrity Madonna (Remember Her?) Does YouTube Show For Smallish Audience

It’s hard to say how many people watched Madonna’s live YouTube show from Paris. Right now, at 8:45pm, there are only 6,000 people logged in. I think that means around the world. The announcement of the broadcast did bring in 100,000 people. The show played Live in New York at 4:15pm, and 1:15pm in Los Angeles–not prime time. It could be that 337,000 people were watching around the world during the first cycle.

Now, when people are home on both coasts, it doesn’t seem like it’s getting much attraction. The video is below in our video player. The music sounds mostly pre-recorded. And Madonna points a gun at the audience in her James Bond segment. The show cuts out around 45 minutes (I guess Madonna went on to play to the audience at the Olympia Theater at that point). But everyone sounds like they’re having fun, Madonna has banked millions from the tour, and Yankee Stadium is still a month away.

There are now about 4,600 people sitting in front of nothing, waiting for the loop to start again. They are the hard core fans. Meantime, Marshall Crenshaw is playing to 300 devoted fans down at City Winery despite tornado warnings. He’s singing and playing Live. Tomorrow night, Ronnie Spector will be there playing to a full, full house.

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