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Someone is not telling the truth. Katherine Jackson was at the Miraval Spa in Tucson, Arizona. Her lawyer, Perry Sanders, just said in a press conference that he went there and was told Mrs. Jackson was in a room where there were no phone and no cell phones. I’m not sure he was told the truth.

I just spoke to Miraval, and cell phone use is allowed in EVERY room and there are landlines in EVERY room. If Mrs. Jackson wasn’t allowed to use the phone, something is very very wrong. Sanders wasn’t allowed to see Mrs. Jackson, prevented by Jermaine and Janet Jackson from making contact. And he’s her lawyer. Randy Jackson now says Mrs. Jackson is on her way home to Los Angeles and will regain custody. But wait until she’s told what really happened.

Somebody has a lot of explaining to do– to Mrs. Jackson and to Perry Sanders.

Note the phone on the desk in this photo:

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  1. KJ received 70k from Michaels Estate every month; the Calabases home is also paid by Micaels Estate.

    Of course Jermaine and the rest of these leeches would want her to get guardianship back right away; after all they receive moeny from these 70k every month.None of them work; Janet’s tour flopped-their behavior is beyond contempt.
    Yes, they are lying – they even refused police access to their mother! Why!

  2. Did Janet, Jermaine, & Randy agree to leave Perry alone if he goes along with their B.S.? That’s what it seems by his press confrence outside court just now.

  3. Most likely Janet and Jermaine took her cell phone and disconnected the landline. Their refusal to let the lawyer talk to his client would suggest that as the most likely explanation. Second most likely is that Mrs Jackson herself would not call anyone. I fins that very difficult to believe.

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