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Katherine Jackson coming back to Los Angeles? That’s what Randy Jackson, the mastermind of her vanishing, told “Good Morning America” this morning. If so, the gambit by Katherine’s lawyers and the Jackson children’s guardian ad litem to seek temporary guardianship in court, has worked. They’ve forced Randy, Jermaine and Janet to bring their mother home.

That should be some reunion. Wait until Katherine Jackson’s lawyers explain to her what happened, and what four of her kids (Rebbie included) did.

Randy Jackson will have lost all his power in the family. Last night three of his brothers went on “The Insider” to denounce him, if not by name. A fourth Tito, recanted signing the infamous letter to the executors. Jermaine has gone silent, suddenly. La Toya and Joseph Jackson have stayed out of the story entirely.

Possibly ruined from this: Janet Jackson, who’s wound up on the front page of every tabloid this morning allegedly calling niece Paris a bitch. Janet, who was always regarded as above it all, has let Randy pull her into his mud fight for money. Her declining career has now taken a beating. She barged into her mother’s rented estate and is seen on a security camera pulling a phone out of Paris’s hand. And yelling at her. What she called her doesn’t matter. It looks like a home invasion.

And the children: they’ll never forget the chaos into which they threw their lives. Paris, particularly.

But this is Randy Jackson’s history:

He was not a member of the Jackson 5, doesn’t sing, and doesn’t have gainful employment. He’s the Randy Jackson who’s been through at least one divorce and one bankruptcy. He’s relied heavily on Brian Oxman, an ex attorney recently disbarred for life in California.

Randy Jackson  almost cost Michael $45 million in sour deal and lawsuit from a company called Prescient Capital. The case was finally settled for a few million– of Michael’s, not Randy’s, money. This is the same Randy Jackson who fired Raymone Bain, Michael’s publicist, on the eve of the jury announcement in his child molestation trial June 2005. Michael had no press rep when the verdict came back “not guilty.”

He’s the same Randy Jackson who sold pictures and video of his family fighting among themselves to media outlets. One of Michael’s ex bodyguards claimed in the British press that Michael wanted to have Randy killed. And now Randy Jackson has caused permanent rifts in his family between Michael’s children and everyone else, with Michael’s mother, and among his siblings.

Not very well played.




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  1. Michael Jackson made it clear during an interview that he does not believe in hitting children. The recent video of Paris and Janet Jackson shows Paris backing away from her aunt Janet Jackson out of fear. The slap is not seen.

    Janet should not be allowed in the presence of these children, nor should any family that plotted to exploit the children for money. I believe the time has come for the children to transition to a new, safer home. Hopefully, TJ Jackson’s home checks out to be an environment that is not only suitable, but child friendly and loving.

    Thank you

  2. I don’t think there is a single PR whiz on the planet that could resurrect this family’s image — especially that of Janet Jackson. She is done.

    Of all the Jackson brothers, Randy Jackson is the most desperate for money, and therefore, the most dangerous. He was trying to get his hands on MJ’s fortune since before his untimely death three years ago.

    I think there should be a court hearing to determine whether or not Mrs. Jackson can keep from being kidnapped again by her children. Also, there needs to be a hearing to ensure that her grandchildren are safe from them.

    The three siblings who went to the house that day, Randy, Jermaine and the aforementioned Janet, did violence in front of those children. Janet, did violence to Paris. This must be addressed.

    I’m glad that Mrs. Jackson has finally been freed, but bigger questions remain.

    There should be a designated custodial backup determined should this nonsense happen again. There should also be a PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER for MJ’s three children against Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson. They are violent, reckless, and have no business around minor children.

  3. I sincerely hope TJ will pursue guardianship even with Katherine back in town. The kids need someone younger who can actively parent. Katherine would still be their grandmother but if this happened once, it or something like it will happen again. After all, Randy and Jermaine have a long time until Blanket is of age.

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