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“Glee” is set in high school, but three quarters of the people on it look they’re ready for pensions. (Just kidding!) So now a casting call has gone out for a recurring character, possible series regular. Here’s the description: GIRL] Female, 16 and above (to play high school) -PRETTY, star quality. SHE MUST SING
WELL…we are looking for more of a pop sound rather than Broadway. Please submit all ethnicities. RECURRING WITH SERIES OPTION. In other words, with Chord Overstreet returning as a regular, the show’s producers are obviously trying to regain their younger audience. The question is, without Emmy nods and after its heat-years have passed, how much gas “Glee” has left in the tank is anyone’s guess. Season Four begins next month. But the casting call? Other than Overstreet, it looks like none of the 20 or so already recurring characters is being promoted to full time.

PS I’m surprised Fox hasn’t figured out a way to cross over “Glee” into “American Idol” and vice versa. Before they each bite the dust, it might give them a little juice.

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