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The 2012 Toronto Film Festival Tweeted out 60 films for its September gathering this morning. No press release. The Tweets are all in Capitals. In ten years or more I’ve never been able to get a single person on the phone from TIFF. Whatever. We go. And so: they’ve announced Ben Affleck’s “Argo,” David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook,” the Wachowskis’ “Cloud Atlas,” and Neil Jordan’s “Byzantium.” It’s a big list with lots of stars. Affleck will also be represented in the new Terrence Malick film, but as an actor. It’s called “To the Wonder.” Also highly anticipated: “The Sapphires,” the musical bought by the Weinsteins in Cannes. Love that film! Also: Robert Redford directing Susan Sarandon, Shia LaBeouf and Anna Kendrick in “The Company You Keep.” Susan Sarandon is ready for a big comeback. #tiff remains an enigma wrapped in a shroud, covered by a mystery.

Opening night film: Rian Johnson’s “Looper” with our old pal, Bruce Willis, the ubiquitous Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Emily Blunt.

Also official: what could be Bill Murray’s Oscar performance, in “Hyde Park”–this could be Bill’s year. “Anna Karenina” which I’m told is wonderful, with Kiera Knightley. Billy Bob Thornton directing “Jayne Mansfield’s Car” (hope this isn’t distressing to Mariska Hargitay). “Great Expectations” with Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, and Sally Hawkins. “Inescapable” with Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson and Marisa Tomei.

There will be tons and tons of A listers and stars walking around Bloor St. and hanging around the Lightbox. That much is good.

PS Expect to hear about Dustin Hoffman’s “Quartet” and maybe Coens’ “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

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