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Just a little while ago, on MSNBC, Rev. Al Sharpton interviewed Randy Jackson, Michael’s brother, about yesterday’s fracas. Randy says quite clearly. “We were denied access to our own home.” Is Randy delusional? The home, in a gated community in Calabasas, is rented by the Michael Jackson estate for Katherine Jackson and her three grandchildren. Also living there is Joe Jackson’s nephew, Trent, whom Randy and Jermaine despise. But Trent was hired by Michael Jackson years ago to take care of his mother. It’s the estate on the lease, with occupants listed as Katherine, the kids, and Trent. Randy Jackson, accusing the executors of Michael’s estate of criminal misconduct, now believes that house in Calabasas is his, too.

Meanwhile, Randy, Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet have caused a huge problem in their family. Tonight, Marlon, Tito, and Jackie appeared on “The Insider.” Marlon broke down in tears claiming they don’t know where their mother is, and that they’ve been prevented from speaking with her. What a nasty situation the others have wrought. It’s going to end very badly. And it’s all because of money.

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  1. I’m thinking more and more that Jermaine and Randy are the two who really never grew up (I know Michael didn’t, but in many respects he knew how to behave as an adult and take as much responsibility as he could). They honestly believe that where their Mom lives, there they live too, and that she should be responsible for their well being and money supply. Maybe they are jealous of MJ3 as they would be with privileged siblings who enjoy what they don’t enjoy? It’s eerie to watch.

    As for Katherine, I am seriously concerned at this point. I sincerely hope the other siblings muster courage enough to get their mother home. All this could end VERY bad, and R+J+J would be responsible for it. It just has to stop.

  2. I know people don’t want to believe that little old Janet is in on this,but she is.That is not his home,and I don’t know why he would say something like that.Anyway,why are they renting a house?I think its cool that they get 90,000 a month,but if they are getting that much money they should own the house.Was Katherine planning to go back to the Hayvenhurst? because the new house is much nicer to me.

  3. I found it interesting that the children had the wherewithal to NOT go with their aunt and uncles for a visit. They are not dumb children and know who they can trust. Unfortunate that they will have to live with mistrust everyday of their lives due to the vast fortune. Michael was not a stupid man. He knew his family well. Remember the song..MONEY I”LL LIE FOR YOU, I”LL DIE FOR YOU, EVEN SELL MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL. What I find interesting is on many websites people are trying to say Joe is behind this. I remember an interview with Joe and they asked him about his son’s will. He stated It’s his will. That’s what he wanted or something to that effect.

  4. It is interesting that none of these people mention the fact that three minor children are without their legal guardian. First they lose their father, and now their guardian has abandoned them. Why doesn’t Katherine Jackson just call the kids? How can she do this to those children and what purpose does she think it is serving?

  5. As far as Jermaine and Randy are concerned whatever is theirs is theirs and whatever is Michael’s (or belongs to his kids)is also theirs. It’s so sad and is driving a huge wedge between Michael’s kids and the rest of the family.

  6. Did you check out The Insider interview with Jackie, Marlon and Tito? Apparently, those that signed get access to their mom, those that didn’t (or changed their mind) get the run around. This is absolute insanity. God forbid something happen to her during this time. They will never be able to recover.

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