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A real war has broken out between the members of the Jackson family who want Michael Jackson’s money and his kids. A member of the family just told me that Michael’s kids are “lying” about not hearing from their grandmother. Meanwhile, I can tell you exclusively that Katherine Jackson is NOT visiting with her granddaughter in Arizona. I just got off the phone with someone in Stacy Brown’s house in California. She is right at home, and simply not in Arizona. The Sheriff’s Department in Pima County, Arizona says they saw Katherine Jackson, and the tabloid photo site X17 Online somehow has a picture Katherine and some family members playing Uno at the dinner table last night.

Whoever Katherine is with, it’s NOT her 44 year old granddaughter, the daughter of eldest child Rebbie and her husband Nathaniel Brown. Stacy is married to a music producer and they live in Los Angeles. Katherine Jackson does have cousins in Phoenix, but their numbers don’t answer. A source close to the Jackson saga confirms: “You know the family is going to try and get Katherine to sign papers and they won’t let her leave til she does.” By the way, Rebbie and husband Nathaniel live with Stacee and her husband in Los Angeles–so none of them are in Arizona, thanks.

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  1. Hi Roger-

    Admit it, the story isn’t adding up. If Paris thinks her grandmother is missing, then how did she know the Dr. that examined Katherine? Your hate for the Jacksons’ is killing your credibility.

  2. Thanks so much Roger for keeping up on this bewildering and confusing story. I do feel sorry for Michael’s kids in this mess.

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